Monday, April 23, 2012

Summer Style

Oh My Gah I can't tell you how ready I am for summer!!!  Can you tell?  After my post last week about pools and this week about beach..I'm ready for some lazy summer days ahead!  Big R and I were talking about how we feel like April may be the coldest month we have had so far here in Charleston in 2012!  Isn't that crazy?!   Most of this weekend was spent cooped up inside with the boys due to a few rain showers, so I decided to focus on sunny and brights today so at least I can mentally go to this happy place:)  

*does anyone know where this great bag (7.) came from?  I had it saved to my desktop from long ago and can't figure out the origin??  


Anonymous said...

I love love love that dress! Also, I was reading my May 2012 Southern Living & Novel got a shout-out from the Charleston interior designer (can't recall her name at the moment) that was featured--pretty cool!

Little Fish said...

LOVE these summer staples!! I need that swimsuit!

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