Thursday, June 28, 2012

Boys Rooms

I'm in the process of trying to style both my boys rooms and my brain is going haywire!  There are so many directions to go in but I just can't commit to anything.  Most all the framed pictures/paintings in our house are still leaning against the wall on the floor.  I have a feeling that's what I will be saying a month from now too.  I'm afraid of picture commitment.  H.E.L.P.  This problem transcends into my boys rooms as well.
Here are a few pictures from Pinterest of my favorites.

How great is this side table above?!!

 I think you can tell I lean in the navy/white/grey/tan direction...

Here are a few pics of the boys rooms now...

Washing cushions for the chair in Mr. Big's room but you get the idea.  Also in desperate need of a dust ruffle for his bed.

Still have not properly screwed the headboard to the bed..on the never ending to do list..

I thought about painting them (there are a pair) but I kind of like it now that it's in the room.

New Kantha for Mr. Big's room for now, but I think I'm liking it so much I may want it out in the living room?!?!

This mirror came from my trip to visit my parents a few weeks back and the dresser was in my room growing up. 

Mr. Big's room has come a little further than Little R's room.  These are some letter press prints I got off Etsy.

Moving on to Little R's room.  I need some help in here. These spreads and pillows are about to make their way to the playroom daybeds so I need to get something for his beds ASAP.  I just love the mattress ticking and I am thinking about going this route again in here.  That's ok to have two rooms with mattress ticking, right?  I would love to hang some cool prints in his room...just not sure yet what?  A huge map of the Charleston Harbor on the wall to the left could be cool and I have three framed fish prints that I could do on the other wall...hmmm...  I have a small navy campaign chest going between the beds, just need to pick that up.  And headboards....

That's all for now but I will update you with more pics as the rooms progress.  Headed to St. Simons today for our Novel. trunk show so stop by Petit Maison 3-close if you are in the area!  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Heading South

The girls of Novel. Charleston Showroom are heading south Thursday for a little pop up in Petit Maison on St. Simons Island.  If you are in the area or have friends or family nearby, send them our way!  

We recently did a little revamp of Novel. and here is what you can find there.  We will be taking most of our goods with us to Petit Maison for our Thursday show.  A little sneak peek....

Notecards: Bon Vivant 
Totes: blue chickadee

Jewelry: Balboa
Vintage Belts: Library Fashion
Hand Painted Table: blue chickadee

Vintage suitcase full of Library goodies

Artwork: blue chickadee
notecards/ pads/ journals: Bon Vivant
vintage sunglasses/dress/belts/ purse: Library Fashion

children's totes: blue chickadee

Come see us in St. Simons at Petit Maison 
Thursday, June 28 
or visit us in our Novel. Charleston Showroom 
 341 King Street Suite B

Friday, June 22, 2012

Mr. Koolie

When I got home from work yesterday, little R and I were in the kitchen devouring some peaches, when what do we hear??
Mr. Koolie in the hood?
Oh yes, yes he was!
We ran out and both got treats.

Also a great day for mail in our house.  My swatch of fabric from Bolthouse Textiles arrived.

The screws for my Docksta table from IKEA came.

Long story, but a few months ago-April to be exact-my dad and I made a trip to IKEA and I had the Docksta table delivered with a whole bunch of other loot.  Well, hauled the dang thing all the way up to NOVEL. and no screws in the package.  You know the feeling if this has ever happened to you with an IKEA product because hardware stores in your town DO NOT carry the Euro style bolts/screws they use-UGH!!!  And they-yes the screws-were backordered or something???  Anyway, weeks and weeks later now we have our screws to finally be able to put our table together-Yippeee-i-ay!!!

Annnnd a $25 gift card to Serena & Lily, which should cover 1/3 of shipping for whatever I want to order-ha!  So many things I would love though, for example:
How stinkin' cute would these be in the boys room?!!!


I'm thinking the kitchen would be a perfect place for this!!!

BTW have any of you noticed that every single picture has blue in it?  

Last but certainly not least, I had to share our barn door!  It went in yesterday and we could not be happier!!!!!  

And behind door number 2...

We are thinking of painting her
Light Blue
Farrow & Ball
To me it looks nothing like a typical "light blue" but it is a really pretty shade.  Sort of green/grey/blue.  
Still looking at our options though....

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I guess you know I am in REVAMP mode if you have been following along lately.  Most of the house is situated as far as furniture goes but what I need the most help with is pictures hanging!!!  For some reason it takes two for this task to be accomplished around here.  I need another set of eyes for this to actually happen and that just doesn't seem to ever happen.  So, here I am a month in, with far too many pictures "leaning against" rather than "hanging on" the wall.  Below is an attempt to get a gallery wall started on the floor.

I have also been doing a little shopping.  Trying to find a coffee table for the porch and bed linens for the boys.  Here's what I found yesterday at Celadon.  Not on my list but liking them anyway....

Did not buy but thought they were so cool.

Did buy (the coffee table) and love.  30% off too - can't beat it!!!!  Just need a plant now for that planter.

I spied two loves on my walk/drive today.   First one on my walk on Sullivan's Island.

Tabby drive with brick border....I like it!

And this house!  Love the shutters on this house and would love to do the same on our house!  Hard to see what they look like but I had to act fast!  Felt like a stalker, taking pictures of someone else's house!!!

And Tuesday night a few of us girls from Novel. headed up for a REVAMP!!  A much needed REVAMP!!!  We had our opening party just over a year ago which is so hard to believe but what a great year it has been!!  Can't wait to show you more pics from the redo but in the meantime here is one of Lauren and Liza (and Liza's hubby-definitely earning bonus points) drilling our new "shelves" in!!!  

Hope everyone is having a great week and for those of you who are local, don't forget to come to Little Fish's opening night tomorrow at Eclectic Interior Design Group's new space in Mt. Pleasant!!!  The party will run for 6-9!  Hope to see you there!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

House Stylin

This past weekend I decided Little R and I needed to take a road trip up to my parent's house for a night.  It has been so long since we have visited (mom and dad usually come to us since both brother's live near me in Charleston).  There is something so nice about going home.  I think I like to be taken care of once in a while and take a little T.O. from being a momma/wife all the time.  It was a quick trip but we had such a great time and I think Little R loved the undivided attention:)  

This is a little snippet of my parents yard.  It is small but quite lush.  

Took a Father's Day dip

While I was home, I must admit, I went on the hunt for things my parents aren't currently using and asked if maybe I could have or borrow some things for a bit.  I think I was having a major pity party for myself because I ended up bringing home more than I should have.  Here is one framed print that was actually hanging on their wall.  Dad said yes, mom, not so sure:)  I think it looks pretty good in its new home.  What do you think?

Below is another painting hanging in their house that I did not end up with but I thought it would be a good inspiration piece for me to try my hand at.  Don't you just love the colors!!!

When I got home I decided that I needed to revamp my bookcases to look like these by Amber.  I'll share pics this week of what I've come up with.

I also am second guessing the placement of the yellow circle painting above the sofa.  Thinking I may take this down and do a huge gallery wall instead.

Maybe doing something like this

Or this

Lastly. has anyone cme across any fabric similar to this?  My mom bought these as dishtowels and made them into pillows years ago and I am obsessed with teh fabric!  I would love to cover teh boys ottoman in teh playroom with something similar and am thinking of resorting to Spoonflower to design my own if I can't locate anything similar.  Let me know your thoughts!  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Foodie Post + LIFE

Y'all know how much I love food and love to cook, so when I came across this post on, In a Nutshell, I was jumping for joy.  No really, these are some of the best, so go check them out!  Her blog is so great too AND she and her husband are a photographing duo.  They have a business together, Stone Crandall Photography out of Cali. Absolutely love his style-beachy, surfer, minimalistic shots.

His gorgeous wife

Next up are a few shots from my trusty Iphone.  I vow to break my nice Canon back has literally been collecting dust in the closet for months!!!  Horrible!!!  It's just so nice to break out the camera on your phone when you need it.  

A little art

A little love

And my sweets

I spy my new Serena & Lily table do you?  The boys have only jumped on it 4 times so it's bound to last maybe 2 more weeks.