Friday, March 22, 2013

Back in the Kitchen

I'm not sure what is wrong with me and why I can't keep up with blogging??!!!!  I am sure everyone is just as busy as I am so that seems like a likely excuse!  I think I just fell out of my routine and also didn't feel that I had all that interesting things to talk about here on the ole bloggy blog!  So forgive my randomness as I jump around week to week and day to day to all different subjects.  My Tuesday Food Day has turned into "Whenever I Can Find A Day To Cook Day" and you will get a post.  So here you go,  the easiest sup sup out there.  

Spinach Pizza
Whole grain wheat crust from Whole Foods
spaghetti sauce (forgot to buy pizza sauce) 
wilted spinach (whole bag)
bulgarian feta
roasted zucchini
roasted tomatoes
prosciutto (on half)
(mushrooms if I'd had them)
of course sriracha doused all over the top
add shrimp if you have them!

Bake at 400 for 10-12 minutes.
Serve with your favorite greens and dressing!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Let me begin by saying I have been following along on all of your blogs over the past year or two watching all you juicers out there get healthier and healthier as I sit like a lame duck wanting to be doing what you are all doing but just.can't.quite.get.over.the.hump of drinking my fruits and veggies!!!!!  I much prefer chewing to gulping.  I never have been able to gulp anything down.. it's like my throat closes or something...can't chug a coke, can't chug water, can't chug a beer.  So for me to get down liquefied veggies is going to be tough.  I want to do it I just have a mental block.  It's the healthy thing to do for so many reasons!

So lets get back on track, I open up my email on Monday and what do I see?  A receipt from Zappos.  Not for shoes....wait for it...a juicer.  A juicer? Did you even know they sold juicers on Zappos?? Big R bought it.  Not for me but for himself??!!!! This is a joke to anyone who knows my husband.  He will start a trendy "diet" and it ends just as fast as it begins.  This is an expensive "diet" gadget so I'm holding him to it.  
I give him a week tops. 

Well, can't wait to report to you what "we" are juicing over here.  So, please do share your all time favorite juices!!!  I need to start off slow-nothing red or orange and nothing that is going to be thick.  Thick is not good.  We're gonna own this thing so I need to take advantage!  

Question-do you substitute a juice for a meal???  I'm just not sure I can do that???  Can you do both (eat and juice) or does that just quadruple your caloric intake and you end up gaining weight???  I want to shed a few lbs so hoping this will help me out!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ashley Warnock Photography + Pout Pop Up

I have had the good fortune of being friends with so many creative and talented ladies in my life since moving to Charleston a little over ten years ago.  One of those crazy talented gals is Ashley Warnock who you may remember me blogging about in the past.  The girl can snap some photos like nobody's business!! She has an eye and a heart for what she does as a profession.  After flipping through some of the pictures she forwarded my way I was blown away with what she came away with in our two hour session at the studio!!!

I have  a little something up my sleeve that Ashley is helping me make into a reality...slowly but surely I hope to be telling more in the coming months.  So for now it's just some sneak peeks.

And speaking of Novel., don't forget to stop in the Pout pop up shop this Thursday 11-8pm!!!  Makeup and skin care products galore as well as mini consultations!!!  I cannot wait to get made oh-va!!!  Message me if you are in town (Charleston) and would like to make a 30 minute appointment for a mini makeover.  Slots are filling up quickly!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Deets on the last few weeks

Did I mention we went to Vermont a few weeks back?  
Gorgeous but Brrrrrrr.....  

Little R has been begging for bunk beds basically his whole life so HAPPY 6th Birthday to him!!!  Happiest boys on the block!!!!

**Got to be honest, we have a little bribery situation going on at the moment.  You see, little bruder wants so desperately to sleep with big bruder in his new bunk bed.  Deal is, he can when he gets potty trained.  It's been a disaster.  I've waited too long and now I'm going to have to wait even longer.  Just this week, while on the phone with my mom (for 4 minutes), I kid you not, the child tee teed in the dog's water bowl-in the house, went back to bunk bed bruder's room and pooped on the rug, tee teed again on the rug and colored crayons ALL over this ladder he is climbing below.  In 4 minutes. AAAARRRRRRRRRRR CHILD!!!!!  He's back in diapers.  I can't deal.

Now that I've unloaded about my baby, I'll tell you what my first baby has been up too.  We have been working hard trying to find fun new ways to learn the "same old boring stuff."  Thank goodness Pinterest is in my life for this reason!!!  Little R has been counting and sorting cars, trucks, emergency vehicles and then writing down the number he comes up with.  His attention span is not long but I find doing a little everyday has helped so much whether it's 5 minutes here and there or 30 minutes at one time.  Making it fun is key!  Tell me if you have any tricks up your sleeve for your kindergartner?!!!  Writing in shaving cream on the kitchen counter is another fun activity.

Hosted a Rikshaw trunk show at my house with my bud Brook.  Had the most amazing turnout-thanks to all you gals who stopped by!!!  Such fun catching up!!  If you haven't stopped by their website, check it out for all your Spring/Summer essentials!!!  Blue waves camp shirt is on it's way to my house...

Working on a painting for Sidney's new shop, Eclectic.  If you are living anywhere near Charleston you must stop in this shop on your way out to the beach!  She has the best finds for your house in there!!!

I just love this composition for a game room.  Wood plamked ceiling, lights, paint colors.
  Good times had by all later that evening....

On the hunt...
for a new sofa

and possibly new bedside tables...

Keep in mind all the unbeatable sales going on locally here in Charleston!!!!  
GDC 20% off upholstery
Celadon 20% off upholstery
SOM 25% off upholstery
(South of Market)

Working on a little DIY for our shop Novel.  Big show coming up at Novel. next Thursday, March 21 with our girls from Pout in Columbia.  Hope you will stop by to see us!!
  Open 11-8pm that day

Hope to be checking in more regularly...where does the time go.....