Monday, October 31, 2011


Calling all locals here in the Charleston area.  Are you going to this?  You should!  Don''t know what it is? ReFurnish is a "curated home consignment sale."  Awesome concept taking place this week (November 2-5) at Harborside East.  You should plan to go because there is sure to be great stuff!  There will be furniture, artwork, lighting, rugs, pillows, and accessories.

Here are a pair of pillows I will be selling.  
Made from Anthropologie dish towels:)

I am having second thoughts on this tray.  I think my mom gave it to me and I shouldn't be selling it. Oops...

This mirror needs a new home...any takers?  
Come to the ReFurnish sale this week and find some great buys! 

I couldn't leave a post without including my two superheroes.  Halloween parade this morning...

Can you guess which one Little R is??  

the one on steroids:)

And Mr. Big was there as Robin.  I had a grand plan of my two boys being Batman and Robin.  It didn't happen of course because someone had other plans.  Maybe next year we can coordinate?

 Coming soon will be lots of pictures of what I have been so busy doing over the last couple of weeks. 
Hint, Hint-Custom hand painted silhouettes that I can't wait to share with you!!!!

* Sorry to have been such a bad blogger but life does not seem to slow down ever!!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

DIY Abaca Lights

West Elm Abaca pendant lamps

West Elm
Abaca Pendant Lights

I have been scouring Pinterest for any ideas on lighting.  As I have mentioned before, we are soon to start a renovation on our house.  We are in stage one now, trying to make some decisions before tearing down walls and blowing out ceilings-yikes!!!!  Lighting is a main concern of mine because I have yet to find the perfect pendant light for our living room.  I am so impatient and like to check things off my lists, so this in particular is driving me nuts!!!  I love anything circular and natural fibers.  So this struck my fancy.  A DIY to boot.  Not sure I would have the patience but such a cool idea!!!!!


All images via Crafty Nest
Supplies and tools
1. Draw a circle on the ball with a permanent marker. This circle will mark a space on the lamp that needs to remain clear of string. The empty circle will be used in assembling the light fixture and will allow you to have access for changing light bulbs. If the light fixture you are using has lamp shades, make sure that the circles are big enough for the shades to easily pass through.
2. Cover your work surface with trash bags or a drop cloth, and put on gloves (this gets messy).
3. The best way, I found, to apply the glue is to squeeze a quarter size amount onto your fingers and run the hemp string through the glue and then wrap it around the ball. The string should stick fairly easily to the ball. I tried two other methods that also worked reasonably well, but were much more time consuming and made a bigger mess. You can fill a shallow tub with the glue and run the hemp string through it, or you can apply the glue directly to the string from the bottle.
4. Glue and wrap, glue and wrap, glue and wrap.  Just keep going.  Try to wrap randomly to avoid criss-cross patterns. The more densely wrapped the lamp is the stronger it will be.
5. Make sure to avoid wrapping string over the circle area. If there are any areas that seem weak, you can apply a little extra glue to give it more strength.
6. Repeat the steps 1-5 to make multiple lamps. Let the glue dry completely. (The glue I recommended takes about 48 hours to cure completely.)
7. Use the inflating needle to deflate the ball.
8. Remove the deflated ball from the lamp.
9. This part takes some basic electrical skills. Follow the installation instructions that come with your light fixture. While installing the light string, feed the wires through the circle hole of the lamp and up through the top, so that the light bulb will hang down in the center of the sphere.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Deal vs Steal

Well, let me start by saying that I saw this picture in Cottage Living (I believe) a while back and have saved it as an inspiration piece.  Loved the color and the circles of course!  It just pops!!!  

Fast forward a few years, I decided we needed a painting like that in Novel.  
To add a little umph to the space, you know.  

Pinned Image

So here you go...

my apologies for the poor lighting

Now bear with me.  I was browsing the web for lighting and I ran across Pieces website.  They are based in Atlanta and have a fantastic collection of "pieces" for your house. 
 And look a here.  
What did I stumble upon.....

Custom Yellow Circle Painting
Atlanta, Georgia
artist unknown
Wowza!!!  I think it may have something to do with the beautiful gold frames!

blue chickadee original
acrylic on canvas
(no frames)


Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 16, 2004

Cheers to you Big R!  
It's been 7 beautiful years and I look forward to sharing many happy times ahead with you!!!!  
I can't believe how young we look...babies.

My dad and me just before walking down the aisle

The two of us walking to meet my main squeeze at the altar.

Cuttin' a rug

As always, life of the party!!!  Love you babe!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Seven Years

So folks, this weekend marks the hubster and my SEVEN year anniversay!!!  I cannot believe it??!!!  We have made a lot of wonderful memories over the years!!  One happy dog and two wild boys later we are still laughing at each others jokes.  Big R decided to surprise me with a night away (in our own town) tonight and we absolutely cannot wait!!!  We're headed to Charleston Place for the night while my in laws spend the night with the boys.


I'm thinking we will take a Rikshaw over to our favorite spot
(love feeling like a tourist in my own town:)

to dine with this fine young man
Mike Lata
He serves the BEST food in Charleston

Food Is Good

I may have one or two of these extra dirty please:)  
We're celebrating, right!!!

And up Saturday morning for a little massage.....

and then back to these guys

Cannot wait!  Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


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society 6

library: archives of fashion

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purl bee

So, not sure about you, but I am so loving the friendship bracelet comeback.  I will admit, I bought a few on a recent trip to South Beach, but come on, they were only about $3 each.  I'm totally getting my thread out and making more.  What about you.  Into it or not?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Painted Silhouettes

I thought I would let you all in on a little sneak peek of what I have been working on...
more examples to come.
taking orders soon:)
I think my boy was in need of a haircut.  Look at those bangs.
hint: some with fabric, some painted

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Food Day

I have some really random loves this week as far as food goes but I must share them all:)
First are these crunchy bits of heaven.  These seriously are the BEST dry roasted almonds on the market.  They have a touch of sweet and just enough salt with a side order of perfectly seasoned deliciousness .  Ca-RUNCHY too:) 

I know I have talked about this cheese before but I cannot get enough!!!  If you have not tried Parrano cheese before, you must go get some this week.  

I have been loving it topped on these crackers below.  Random, right?  I think I had them at my in laws once and from then on I have been addicted.  They are crunchy and salty.  Find them on the Asian aisle.

And last but not least my pep me up after an early morning wakeup and/or getting uncooperative children ready for school.  
Mocha Light Frappucino a la Starbucks:)
Not everyday but special days:)

A lowfat coffee milkshake:)
They swear it's only 150 caolries for a Grande??? 
 Could this be correct??? 
 I'm going with it.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Conversational Prints

Have you checked out these recent prints from Anthropologie?  I am kind of digging them.  Love the simplicity of the block printed single color image on a solid background.  Aren't these color combos fantastic?

all images via
I have to say, I think I am drawn to these because they remind me of some hand painted images near and dear to my heart....

blue bird sack
blue chickadee

double persimmon seahorse and blue crab 18"x18" white canvas pillows
$65 each
blue chickadee

pair of heron 18"x18" white canvas pillows
$65 each
blue chickadee

red bird tote
blue chickadee

And these prints I LOVE!!!!!  Came across them on Pinterest just before sending this post out.  Anyone know where to find them?

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Design Sponge

So look what arrived on my doorstep yesterday....

I have been waiting to order this book since I heard it was being produced!!  I ordered one as a gift and while I was at it, I just had to order one for myself.  Have you had a look yet?  I cannot wait to sink into it tonight.  So many great style ideas and lovely pictures of interiors to gawk over.   And not to mention the color of this book is my all time favorite at the moment.  It's just the perfect shade of coral!

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all via pinterest