Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This is the "chick" flour sack wrap.  To be used as a swaddling blanket for a baby, a lightweight blanket or oversized burp cloth.  This can also be used as a hand towel in the kitchen.  The dimensions of this cloth are 34X39 inches.
This is the "swine" flour sack wrap.  The dimensions of this cloth are 28X32 inches.
"Swine Standoff" pillow cover measures 18X18 inches and is the perfect throw pillow for a chair, sofa or bed!

Swine Standoff

Been a week!!!!  I am really slacking on the blogging front!!!  I am waiting for the dew to dry and I am going to go outside and photograph my latest painting (pillow)..."swine standoff."  My friend Margeaux has agreed to sew canvas pillow covers for me to paint.  The first one I have finished is the one I will have photographed today.  It is a 20X20 pillow cover.  She is also making me a few that are 18X18 and one that is 12X16-perfect baby pillow size.  I am really hoping that these will be a hit!!!  The idea is you can throw he anywhere-chair/ sofa/ bed/ crib.  I haven't some up with a price yet but I will keep ya posted!!!

I have also painted a few cotton flour sacks that are the perfect size and weight for a swaddling blanket/ lightweight cover for the stroller/ or a burp cloth throw.  No children...... you could use these as decorative kitchen towels.  If any spills should occur, they are very fast drying because of how thin they are!  Pictures on the way... nap time can't come soon enough!!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Tote Bag Photos-Must See!!!

"Zig Zag" hand painted 13X13X3 tote bag.  The perfect beach bag or library bag!!!  I use mine to tote everything from headphones and water bottles to the gym, as well as my son's snack and diapers!  Throw it in the wash and let air dry for best results.  Hot iron if sensitive to wrinkling!!!!
"Tree Frog Jump"  is a 13X13X3 hand painted tote bag.

"Elephant Stampede" is a hand painted 13X13X3 tote bag.  

"Trio of Apples" hand painted 13X13X3 tote bag.  

Pair o' Cherry hand painted tote 13X13X3.  Perfect for you or your precious little girl!  

Ok, so I finally took some more pictures of my most recent hand painted totes.  Boy, it is H-O-T outside today.  August heat in South Carolina is brutal, but I thought the lighting was best outside to capture the crisp color of each bag.  They are all over the board as far as designs go!  I am always trying to think of something new to do.  As you know, I am always open for suggestions, after all, custom pieces are kind of my thing!!!!  Hope you like what you see....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Get Hooked

My two year old just moved into a big boy bed about two weeks ago and I am just starting to get it all together!  The painting hanging above his bed was one of my very first blue chickadee creations!  I have always loved this one!
This is my latest "get hooked"  tote bag I painted a week or so ago and I have since used it everyday as a carryall for my son's things.  This tote has been the perfect size (13X13X3) for throwing a quick snack/ diaper/ wipes in and hit the road!

beach day sunday

So today marks the first day of my blog!  I remember not so long ago having no idea what a blog was or why anyone would care to read about what someone else does with their day!!!  I mean don't we all have better and more important things going on in our lives???  

So, here I am now, starting to blog....hard to believe!!!  After some thought, I decided this would actually be a great way to share pictures of my most recent artwork from blue chickadee!  I really want friends and family to see what I am doing and this will make me be more vigilant about taking pictures of my work as I go.  I love painting, I mean I really do, but sometimes, I have to admit, it does fall on the back burner for me.  After struggling with a very high energy,  temper tantrum throwing, adorable two and half year old all day, sometimes I just want to lie down with a good mag and turn on Bravo for a few hours!!!  

For those of you who know me, you know it is going to take me a while to figure out how to post pics of my work, but please bear with me!!!!  I will figure it out...I am bound and determined to this myself without having to ask my husband for help.  I hope things go well and  will be updating soon!