Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tuesday Food Day

But wait it's Thursday.  Whoops!  I have had a few requests to get better about my Tuesday Food Day posts so I am going to do my best.  The problem is I really cook the same thing over and over so that would get so boring to read!  Maybe now I will branch out because I have to report back here!  Anywho, this is what I made this week..
Spinach and Chive Linguini 
(Trader Joes-obsessed)
wilted spinach
chopped tomatoes
roasted butternut squash
topped with Bulgarian Sheep Feta
lemon garlic EVOO S+P
and a side order of sauteed kale
(in chicken broth)
OBVIOUSLY I am so not a food stylist nor a photographer so this probably looks horrible but I promise it was delicious and relatively healthy.  Big R gave his approval too!

Now below is what I made out of the leftovers the following nightt...

Spinach and Chive Linguini over Arugula
roasted zucchini
roasted mushrooms
wilted spinach
chopped tomatoes
Bulgarian Sheep Feta
lemon garlic EVOO S+P

This was more like a salad.  I LOVE arugula and it was so good with the linguini and roasted vegetables!  Y'all will have to give it a try and let me know what you think or what you would do differently.  I am into easy meals these days.  I have the two little crazies running underfoot at all times which makes any prep work difficult.  Love my boys!!

I know this is so wrong.  Balancing lighters between his toes.  He is obsessed with lighters.  Thank goodness he hasn't figured out how to light them because he carries them around everywhere!!!  
And big bro couldn't miss out on the attention so foot in mouth was his trick.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Product Obsession


Have you heard of it? I'm pretty sure I'm behind the time son this one but just recently came across this place via Pinterest, naturally.  Look to me like you cannot purchase anything online unless you are a retail shop that would like to carry some things.
Anyone know who carries these products in the US?  Or are they even in the US at all?  I so wish you could purchase online.  Wouldn't you go nuts?!!!

All pics via Bloomingville

Serious product overload but too many good shots from their site, I just couldn't decide!  Makes me want to hop a plane to Denmark!

On a completely other RANDOM note comes obsession numero dos.



 I am OBSESSED with this line of shampoo ad conditioner.  Thank you Lauren for pointing me in the right direction!!!!!  Cannot tell you how great this shampoo is!!  The smell is awesome, the texture of my hair feels so awesome after a good wash and honestly I don't always get to wash my hair everyday (who does) and my hair still looks pretty clean on day 2.  Just had to share if you aren't a  user yet you should be!
(kind of expensive but worth every penny!)  

Monday, January 14, 2013

Art for the Kiddos

  I thought I would share a few art activities I have been doing with the boys over the last few weeks that have been a huge hit!!!  Thanks to Pinterest of course I have "repinned" a hundred art activities for the boys.  Things that seem so easy but I never would have thought of them myself.  Check out my board here and I bet you will get great ideas too.

Shaving Cream Letters and Numbers

I think I saw this on Pinterest but little R's teacher also reminded me of this fun exercise!  I got both boys involved

Cornstarch Playdough

When at a loss for activities to do with a  2.5 year old make playdough!  And when you get the idea, look in the pantry beforehand to make sure you have flour.  Mistake on my part ended up being a win in the end because of cornstarch.  Why on earth I have cornstarch and not flour beats me but any who it made for a funky textured playdough.  The fun lasted all of 15 minutes but hey, every minute of entertainment counts around here!

Painting Animals

This was fun for both boys and actually kept them interested for longer than 15 minutes!!!!  

I need to know what you are doing at home to keep the kiddos entertained!  Do tell!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Food Day

I know it's been a while since I blogged about food, but it's also been a while since I made anything worth talking about.  I guess most of you know I categorize myself as a "Pescetarian," one who eats only fruits, veggies, grains and well, fish.  Except I really don't eat fish.  I know I should, especially salmon, but that one is the worst for me!!  Any who, I eat shellfish mostly, that counts.  I rarely prepare any creatures from the sea at home.  That's an order-out-at-a-restaurant type deal for me.  When at home, I prepare vegetarian meals and my guy has to deal with that or grill a side order of meat for himself (and the boys).  Earlier this week I started with this... 

"Everything I Love Veggie Surprise"

roasted zucchini 
roasted butternut squash 
roasted tomatoes
(all of the above seasoned with S+P+EVOO)
kalamata olives
bulgarian sheep feta
fresh basil
israeli couscous
lemon vinagarette
frsh lemon juice
crushed garlic
Then last night I recreated the meal from the night before and made a few tweaks...

I added:
butter lettuce (as the base)
omitted olives (bc I forgot)
added green peas

  It was divine-for a vegetarian that is!!!  I think you could incorporate shrimp on top and make it more of a hearty salad.  

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year + 9 = THANKFUL

For those of you who know me outside of this little blogging world, you know where I have been.  It has been quite a month and just want to say how THANKFUL, THANKFUL, THANKFUL I am for you Janie!!!  To the strongest, most beautiful (inside and out),bravest, determined, lover of life momma that I know, I love you to pieces!!!!!!  
Here's to a new year filled with endless possibilities!!!!

(too good!!!)
I thought I would try to start the year off on the right foot with getting myself organized. That's always been a major problem for me.  I want to be organized but somehow I always feel like I am scrambling.  I am determined to get myself in gear and the first step for me is getting things mapped out in the days, weeks, months ahead into a day planner.  I am a pen and paper type of gal.  I have all the Apple gadgets but I still have to write out my lists, my appointments, the daily grind you know.  I have tried plugging my "to do's" into my phone and I never check  it!!!!  What good is that?  So here you go, the point of this little post is planners.  I blogged about this last year and ended up ordering a  great little planner by Sarah Pinto Designs.

  It fit the bill in every way.  Inexpensive, small size, plenty of space for writing, spiral bound pages held up to being tousled around my pocketbook all day, everyday.  But this year I wanted to try something different.  
I thought about the Life Planner by Erin Condren, but I started thinking maybe it offered too much??? 

 Is that possible?  Just thinking it would look like I was carrying around a huge binder??  Please do tell if you have one if you like it because maybe next year??? 
 So I finally settled on making my own planner from Blurb.  

(Not the cheapest planner but I thought it would be fun to splurge a bit in order to have fun photos to go along with each month!)

Have y'all ever ordered from Blurb?  My sister in law had a book made of their little girl, in her first two years, for my parent's Christmas gift and it was BEAUTIFULLY made!!!!  I mean the quality was out of this world good!!!  I am planning to do our 2012 photo book from Blurb this year instead of Shutterfly like I have done the past 5 years.  On the To Do list of things I never finished before the new year!  I can't wait for my planner to arrive!!  I will definitely share pics when it does.  
Tell me, have you ever ordered form Blurb?  Do you love what you ordered?  Hopefully I will be back sooner than 2 months:)