Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can I be RANDOM today???

Not sure if I shared with you that we hit the road last weekend and went with some friends down to Edisto with all the kiddos in tow for the weekend!  Great fun!!!!  We headed out to Botany Bay on Saturday and the boys had a blast...skippin' stones and climbing old pieces of driftwood in the dunes.

We came home Sunday to check out the progress....porch has been added, check.

Master bath has been deleted, check.  
Not part of the plan originally..someone looks as stunned as I was;)

Borrowed some lights on approval from Circa Lighting only to find, they don't work in our space-boo hoo:(  I'm having a mini freak out about the lights but something will work...just what???  These did not work:(


may look at these again...hoping these will?


both lights via circa lighting

Loving this invention-the marriage between a diaper and  a pull-up.  Perfect for those mommas who circle the house 4.5 times before getting one tab of the diaper to adhere.  Geez!!!

And enjoying these moments (though sometimes brief) of my angel babies getting their "snug on"

(Anyone else put their almost 2 year old in a sleep sack still??  Is this wrong?  I just figure it may prevent him from climbing over the crib rail!  Knock on wood of course!)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pink Pinning

Last night I decided to flip through all of my pins to find inspiration and to organize. 
 I'm addicted. 
 Who isn't?  
  I noticed all of my recent pins share something in common.


And if you're not a follower yet, come check out the girls of Novel. here.  We have started our own Novel. Charleston board.  Did you know you can "share" boards with friends?  Maybe I'm the last to know but it has been the perfect thing for us to bring our ideas together!!!  I do wonder what in the world I did before Pinterest???  

Save the date for our next Spring Event at Novel. 
Friday, March 16
10 - 7
Stay tuned for more info and deets you won't want to miss!!!!
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Friday, February 24, 2012

Seeing Double

As some of you know, we are doing a few changes to our house.  One thing we were not going to touch was our master bath-which is a joke because it literally is the WORST feature of our house. 

 Every one of those drawers collapses when you pull it out.  You know when it's not on  a "track" so you pull and the whole drawer drops.  They did take the trim off-it wasn't THAT bad before. 
(See where Mr. Big grabbed my black permanent eyeliner and went to town.)

Originally, the bathroom just wasn't fitting into the plan although I think I wished it would POUF.... change into one of these lovely spaces below overnight.  Forgot to also mention this sink/vanity thing is in our bedroom.  The door was for the shower and toilet only:)  Like an old school Holiday Inn or "Sleep Inn."  Wha???  

Well, Big R came to his realtor senses and realized we probably did need to address this supremely ugly part of our house if we were updating in other areas.  I mean the guys were there demoing (is this  a  word) already right??

This leads me to my question.  We only have space enough for one sink-Boo.  But not the end of the world in my opinion because I'm thinking I can psych myself into thinking I have two separate spaces by having two mirrors above the vanity.  Good decision or no????  

Purty.  Although I know it's not in  a bathroom...but the idea is there.

Again, not a good example but pretty mirrors.

So, here we go.  Nice idea huh?!  I know, it works because there are two sinks and two mirrors, but imagine there being one sink.  I think it would still work.

Again, lovely.

Really perfection!!!

So thoughts???  One sink, two mirrors.  Yes?!

And for those interested here are a few recent pics of whats happening at the ole homestead

This whole section without brick is getting knocked out and pushed out a few feet to make a flush wall with the chimney and a  further extension for a soon to be screen porch.

View from inside looking out.  Whole wall/window about to be knocked out.

Next day wall was gone

View from the backyard looking into the living room (right) and kitchen (left) from the big gaping hole in the house:)  Excited but Yikes!!!  

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Little Fish

Y'all I am so excited to share with you , Little Fish.  Cutest name isn't it?!  One of my best girlfriend's just launched this adorable children's site out of Charleston, SC.  She decided to put together this little website with a collection of products featuring many of her artistic friends around the Southeast (many from Charleston).   You must check it out and see for yourself all the precious vintage baby clothes, hand appliqued children's clothing, hand painted totes and artwork, custom stationery, the list goes on.  You can click and buy right there on the spot and be sure to check back regularly because she will have new products and designers added to the shop each month!  

Lollipop Kids Clothing

Blue Chickadee

Library Vintage Children

As if Brook didn't have enough on her plate, she is also selling her very own handmade soy candles, appropriately named Time Out candles.  Did you know that Soy Candles have more than one purpose?  I didn't but Brook told me you can actually use the warm wax as lotion for your hands and body?!!!  Who knew!!!

Bon Vivant, Library Vintage for Children and Blue Chickadee all of Novel. are selling their products here.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Swing Arm Lights

I want your opinion.  We are thinking of putting 4 or 5 swing arm lights mounted to the the wall/vault in our kitchen.  Here are the ones we are considering but I want your opinion.  Which do you like best?  Or do you have other ideas for me?  Would love the feedback!

The look I am going for is along these lines.  See the double swing arm lights?  I just love the look!  Dying over those huge pendant lights too but we will be going with something slightly different there.  I will reveal in a later post.

Love the grey and white along with horizontal planking!

So here are my options from Circa Lighting


In something like this finish
Hudson Valley 4721 Exeter Swing-Arm Wall Sconce

(hard to tell but this has a double swing arm as well and would come in a brushed nickel)


Or these-different finish and shade color but only adjust 30 degrees which may not work for us?
Tolomeo 7-10-12 Wall Shade & Artemide Tolomeo Wall Sconces | YLighting

And look what I am eyeing for our sconces in the front hall.  
Too industrial???  
I 'm diggin' em'

So tell me.  Whatcha think?

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Where have I been you may ask?
Well, right here
We're spending a little family time out at Sullivans Island this week.  
The boys are in heaven!

A few updated reno pictures....

View from living room into kitchen with the beginnings of the vault.

My sweet on the left- on our way to Valentine's supper.  The only time I can sneak into the house without the kiddos is at night, so I apologize for the horrible pictures!  Here you can see the actual framed vault and the new framed out kitchen wall-pushed out  a few feet from the original design ( you can see where the hardwoods continue into the kitchen from the L.R.(  Sorry if this is so boring to y'all, it's a way for me to document what's happening.

Our precious nephew baby G pushing Mr. Big in his wagon.

And back to work now.  Her's a little vignette in Novel. featuring a few new purses by Library: Archives of Fashion.    Umm, obsessed is all I can say!

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Uhhh, not sure how I forgot to mention why I have also been a little behind on my posts....
I ran over my IPad
  Bet you can say you have never done that.  How you may wonder?  Well, lets see.  I generally have 39 bags I am loading in the car at the same time as buckling in my bucking bronco almost 2 year old, and my Ipad (snug as a bug in it's case) fell on the driveway under the car.  And, lets just say 90 seconds go by and my memory fails me, I get in the driver seat, buckle up and we're off.   Get home (I was leaving from my friend Lauren's house) put Mr. Big to bed and go retrieve my IPad from the car. 
 Oh, wait, it's not there. 
 Hmmmm where could it be BUT IN THE DRIVEWAY AT LAUREN"S WITH TIRE TRACKS OVER IT!!!!!!!!  Argggg not my day.  Much too long story short, make my appt. at Apple and the IPAD Gods and Goddesses are giving me a new one-FO FREE!!!  They must have been reading the worry lines on my forehead to be so kind!!!!  Woo HOOO!!!  They rock!  
Lesson Learned, don't drop your IPad and then run over it...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Ooh Wee

Lovin' my new ballet flats from TOMS!!! Anyone else with me? I totally chickened out on the color and went totally boring beige but assured myself, "they'd go with everything!" 
(I found they run large and wide in case you are thinking of ordering)

Really loved the pink ones...I'm puttin' them on the wish list!

While on my flats high, I stepped into Urban Outfitters on my way to Novel. yesterday and snatched up some of these spring green beauts...whatcha think? 

You like?? 

 Tell me what kinds of spring bling ya got going on in your closet these days...

And while I'm bloggin' I thought I would share some iphone pics from the weekend/week.  We gave Mr. Big his first ice cream cookie sandwich.

It was a hit...

Little R graffiti-ing our back deck

And a few more pics of the house reno

The above picture is taken from the living room looking into the gutted kitchen. Isn't that good looking linoleum they found under several layers of tile:) Living room ceiling to be vaulted as well as kitchen ceiling.

Another view from living room into kitchen and back of house.
Making progress......

PS-Does anyone know how to upload an iphone video onto blogger (from iphoto on Mac).  This is so simple to do I am sure but I CAN'T FIGURE IT OUUUUTTT!!!!!  Arg!