Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mason Market

Sorry for the lack of posts recently!  (For those of you who actually read this-if anybody???)  My goal is to post about something at least each week, but sometimes the days fly by, and still no posts?  Anyway, here are a few pictures from the Mason Market at Mason Prep last week.  Not the best backdrop-what can you do with blank gym walls????
They had a fundraiser with over 40 vendors selling everything under the sun in hopes of raising money for the school.  It was a great event with a huge turnout!  Blue Chickadee participated with El&Ann Designs (formerly Textile. by Margeaux Fraunfelter).  Can you see her ADORABLE dresses hanging from the rack?!!!  I am telling you what, if you are a mother of a little girl or have any reason to buy for a little girl between the ages of 1yr-3yr defintely get one of these cute dresses (only $18 with matching ruffled bloomer for $22) So CUTE!!!! 
Here is a close up of what I am talking about.....cute, huh??

And totally unrelated,  I couldn't resist putting in a photo of baby G-he's a penguin if you can't tell.
And Little R-dressed as a forklift driver (not to be confused with a farmer!)  He had a great green John Deere hat but he refused to wear it at this Halloween party:(  Looks like he's pouting here, maybe he wishes he had it on????
Ok, I do have other things I am working on, so I will post more pics soon!!!!