Monday, April 30, 2012


I first had to share a few T Ball pics from Friday night!  I am having a hard time believing I have  a five year old???  How did this happen?  He looks so big!!!  

The cutest team (not the best vantage point)

I'm pretty sure anyone who knows me, reads this blog or follows me on Pinterest, knows how much I love IKEA!!!   As some of you know, we are due to move back home in a few weeks so I decided to take  a little field trip-minus hubby and kiddos- and head north to Charlotte.  On the way, I made a pit stop by my parents house and picked up my dad.  He had no idea what was coming-heehee.  Pretty sure I broke some sort of record for spending 5.5 hours in there...oops...

Favorite purchase #1.
Cowhide rug similar (slightly more tan-will share pics once we move back in) to this one below
Love this picture from Pinterest-how cool to paint a sailfish all white for hanging on the wall!!!
We actually have one hanging at Big R's office but it is metal with a bronze patina..may have to steal it back:)

Favorite purchase #2
Table + Chairs
Ikea Docksta table 
Tobias chairs

Favorite Purchase #3
Ikea Expedit bookcase
high gloss white-eeekkk!!!
(I am planning to flip on it's side under the windows of the playroom)

similar to this

Favorite Purchase #4
Am loving these awesome Odby Frames!!!!!

What are your favorite things from IKEA??!!!

On my way to IKEA stopped by my parents house and had to snap a picture of their front walk...wowza...lush and green!!!!


lizziefitz said...

I would have given you my list had I known! Ha! Why can't there be an idea closer, why???

lizziefitz said...

Ikea* darn spell check. PS I sat in those chairs this weekend, so comfy!

Little Fish said...

LOVE all your purchases!! Can't wait to see the finished product!!

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

LOVE. I've had that glossy bookcase saved too. Can't wait to road trip up there.

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Can you believe my parents live in Charlotte and I still have yet to visit ikea?? Love everything you bought. I have been wanting the bookcase and rug as well and now you have me wanting that table! The tball pictures are too cute!!

Joanna said...

Love everything you got especially that table and chairs! We created a media center in our playroom with three of the expedits but in the dark color. I wish they had white when we bought ours.

Melissa W. said...

I was just scrolling through your pictures on this post and one of my twins saw your last picture of your parents' yard and said, "oh mommy, that is a jungle!" LOL. I am so happy to hear you love IKEA! Now I am super excited about watching your renovations with your awesome taste and some IKEA thrown in there! Yay! I love a mix of 'high and low' furniture!

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