Monday, July 9, 2012

Trunk Show + The Fourth

Where did I leave off?  I think we were heading to St. Simons for our Novel. trunk show.  Well, we made it in case you were wondering since you haven't heard from me since!  Our friend Julie owns Petite Maison and what a fabulous shop!!!  You can see from the sign that they carry home decor, antiques and gifts.  Such a great spot and look at how darn cute the shop is!!  Doesn't it look like someone lives here?  We had such an awesome time and ran into a few old friends who stopped in to say hello!

blue chickadee 
large canvas tote

blue chickadee 
hand painted hand towels
$22 each

Girls night out on the town!!  Lauren, on the far left, owns Library-vintage clothes and accessories.  Julie, in the purple dress, owns Petite Maison.  Liza is next to me in the pink , she owns Bon Vivant and I am on the far right.  We were missing our fourth wheel, Miss Jane Pope Cooper of Balboa and Jane Pope Collection, because she is due any day to have a little mini Coop!!!  Fun times and hope we will get back to Sea Island/St. Simons again soon!

While I was away, Little R went to Camp Perri (our awesome friend/sitter who puts on camps all summer for the little ones)!!!  You may have seen photos from the camp on Facebook here.  She is such an amazing person and super creative!  She had all the campers bring their bikes to camp and decorate them for the Fourth of July!!!  And the tie-dyed their shirts!!!

Another surprise, but this time for the hubby!  Big R's real estate company has a photographer who came to our house and took a few photos of the kiddos and me.  He has heard him complain one too many times about how he had nothing on the walls of his office, so to surprise him, he came and took pictures of us and blew them up to 12"X24" and framed them for his office.  How nice is that!!!  I'm not sure how I feel about myself being blown up so large but I think it's adorable of the boys!!

Now on the the week of the Fourth-hence my absence from the blogging world!  We headed up to Pawleys Island to visit my family for the week. 

 This is what I'm going to miss the most-the uninterrupted view!!!

Parade day at Pawleys

Dad aka "Rabbit" with Little R

The cousins

Mr. Big aka "Terror"-both such nice nicknames my mom has dubbed our child!!!

Little R

 One of my favorites.

High Tide on the dock

So hopefully I can keep up this week with regular posting!!!  I have been working on my bookshelves and gallery wall finally so hope to share some photos of both this week!!!


Erica Elia said...

So cute, looks like so much fun! Erica

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Oh those photos of you and the boys turned out gorgeous! And that shop is so pretty, looks like you all had fun. Glad you enjoyed the 4th too!

lizziefitz said...

You were missed ! So glad you recharged your batteries. I love the pictures of you and your babies. This summer is flying by , ugh!

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Your boys are too cute! So sad we missed the boat w camp Perri we have been bored all summer! Gotta love a ladies night out! I've been wanting to get down to St Simmons to check out the outlets and will have to stop in Julies store!

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