Thursday, June 28, 2012

Boys Rooms

I'm in the process of trying to style both my boys rooms and my brain is going haywire!  There are so many directions to go in but I just can't commit to anything.  Most all the framed pictures/paintings in our house are still leaning against the wall on the floor.  I have a feeling that's what I will be saying a month from now too.  I'm afraid of picture commitment.  H.E.L.P.  This problem transcends into my boys rooms as well.
Here are a few pictures from Pinterest of my favorites.

How great is this side table above?!!

 I think you can tell I lean in the navy/white/grey/tan direction...

Here are a few pics of the boys rooms now...

Washing cushions for the chair in Mr. Big's room but you get the idea.  Also in desperate need of a dust ruffle for his bed.

Still have not properly screwed the headboard to the bed..on the never ending to do list..

I thought about painting them (there are a pair) but I kind of like it now that it's in the room.

New Kantha for Mr. Big's room for now, but I think I'm liking it so much I may want it out in the living room?!?!

This mirror came from my trip to visit my parents a few weeks back and the dresser was in my room growing up. 

Mr. Big's room has come a little further than Little R's room.  These are some letter press prints I got off Etsy.

Moving on to Little R's room.  I need some help in here. These spreads and pillows are about to make their way to the playroom daybeds so I need to get something for his beds ASAP.  I just love the mattress ticking and I am thinking about going this route again in here.  That's ok to have two rooms with mattress ticking, right?  I would love to hang some cool prints in his room...just not sure yet what?  A huge map of the Charleston Harbor on the wall to the left could be cool and I have three framed fish prints that I could do on the other wall...hmmm...  I have a small navy campaign chest going between the beds, just need to pick that up.  And headboards....

That's all for now but I will update you with more pics as the rooms progress.  Headed to St. Simons today for our Novel. trunk show so stop by Petit Maison 3-close if you are in the area!  


Melissa Wags said...
Thought of you when I saw this website/link. It has the ticking on the beds :)

Melissa Wags said...

or here:

lizziefitz said...

You style is magazine worthy. I love how you pull things together. I do think that new lovely blanket needs to find a home in the living room it is so cool ! Thanks for sharing all the new updates:)

e-revelry said...

Love those pics! Have you seen Ralph Lauren's constellation wallpaper? Would be very cool on his ceiling with a really wide navy stripe on the wall. I know one thing, whatever you do will be amazing!

Jessica {The Aestate} said...

Those are awesome boys rooms and I love where you're going with your boys room!

The Aestate

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