Friday, June 22, 2012

Mr. Koolie

When I got home from work yesterday, little R and I were in the kitchen devouring some peaches, when what do we hear??
Mr. Koolie in the hood?
Oh yes, yes he was!
We ran out and both got treats.

Also a great day for mail in our house.  My swatch of fabric from Bolthouse Textiles arrived.

The screws for my Docksta table from IKEA came.

Long story, but a few months ago-April to be exact-my dad and I made a trip to IKEA and I had the Docksta table delivered with a whole bunch of other loot.  Well, hauled the dang thing all the way up to NOVEL. and no screws in the package.  You know the feeling if this has ever happened to you with an IKEA product because hardware stores in your town DO NOT carry the Euro style bolts/screws they use-UGH!!!  And they-yes the screws-were backordered or something???  Anyway, weeks and weeks later now we have our screws to finally be able to put our table together-Yippeee-i-ay!!!

Annnnd a $25 gift card to Serena & Lily, which should cover 1/3 of shipping for whatever I want to order-ha!  So many things I would love though, for example:
How stinkin' cute would these be in the boys room?!!!


I'm thinking the kitchen would be a perfect place for this!!!

BTW have any of you noticed that every single picture has blue in it?  

Last but certainly not least, I had to share our barn door!  It went in yesterday and we could not be happier!!!!!  

And behind door number 2...

We are thinking of painting her
Light Blue
Farrow & Ball
To me it looks nothing like a typical "light blue" but it is a really pretty shade.  Sort of green/grey/blue.  
Still looking at our options though....


Andrea {blonde ambitions} said...

Love all the blue :) The barn door is so great, I just love the way it looks! The color you picked would look great with the white walls too. Have a great weekend!

lizziefitz said...

I am moving in asap! I could even set up camp behind the amazing barn door. I have ony pinned a thousand images of barn doors :))))

ruth campbell designs said...

crazy about how you used the barn door! great idea to hide washer & dryer!!

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