Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Planting + Picture Hanging

Why can I never get my act together by Monday morning to post???   It's Wednesday and I have been working on this post for 3 days.  I thought I would share with you a few weekend activities planting + hanging. 

 Stopped by the local flower/plant store to get a few plants for the 3x4 foot dirt pit in the backyard.  The whole yard has grass or mulch except for this tiny area and the boys only want to play there???!!!  Mr. Big took my brand new cordless vacuum out there and vacuumed up all the dirt-no lie.  

Below are the flowers I didn't get....pretty right.  

Here are the plants and herbs I did end up getting laid out nicely.

And here they are planted.  Big R is our yard man-thank the Lord!  I am clueless in the yard and plus it's H.O.T out there:)  I have caught Mr. Big out there tearing all the basil leaves off and sniffing as hard as he can until all the scent is gone and then he picks another.  What gives?????

Finally got around to hanging my yellow circle painting above the sofa.  This is my least favorite room because it is so blah at the moment...can't believe I am even showing y'all!  You may remember it from Novel. pics here.  I'm sort of thinking a) hung too high, b) needs something hanging to the left and right?, c) we need a navy sofa-it is ruined and doesn't look so good against the white wall-thoughts?  Maybe another post...

Hung this foursome when my dad was in town in our dining room-love the arrangement!  And my dad totally rocks the "eyeballing" technique for hanging pictures-he did this in 5 minutes!!  Would take me all day!

Y'all may have seen this picture on my Instagram of Little R's artwork, but I thought the chair looked cool beneath.

I have a thing for painted chairs?  Here's another shot of another one in the foyer.

I also thought this shot of the playroom ceiling turned out kinda cool.  I'm so happy we left the ceiling exposed!

Here is a dingy shot of one wall in the playroom.  Please, please think of these as "before" shots.  I have so much work to do to get this room in order.  Will it ever be?????

I thought it would be fun to add to this wall as the boys make new art.  All I had to start with were 4 framed pieces so that's why they are spaced accordingly.  I also am thinking of putting Little R's navy mattress ticking duvets on the daybeds out here for extra cushion.  I must say, these two beds make the room but I am having a V E R Y difficult time keeping the boys from jumping to the point of mattress going through the bed slats to the floor.  Keeping it real.

Once I get my act really together I will show you more.  
Til then.....


Julia {Pawleys Island Posh} said...

its looking fantastic so far! Love his little painting. He obviously got your artistic gene!

Anonymous said...

I love the playroom daybeds, those are fab. I agree w/you about the circle painting--I think it could stand to be lower. You could also try flipping the whole thing clockwise--then the longer sides of the rectangles will be on the bottom, making the whole piece wider--maybe then you won't need something on the sides. A navy sofa would rock. the. house. I also have a painted furniture addiction and I love those dining room prints :)

lizziefitz said...

I don't think you give yourself enough credit! You have gotten more accomplished in one month than I do in a year. I live the playroom and daybeds... Yes to the ticking stripe:))) the diningroom prints are amazing! Your dad needs to come to my house. We always have to get out the big guns.. Laser level . Another paint question, what color white did you use in living/ great room? Fabulous!!!

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Oh Way Way it looks so awesome. Love that playroom!

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Love everything in this post. I adore your dining room wall color and Little R is seriously quite the artist. I say hang somthing pn each side of the yellow painting.

blue chickadee said...

Thanks girls!! Totally a work in progress! The white in the living room is Wimborne White by Farrow & Ball. We used it as the trim color throughout as well as the walls in LR and hall.

Andrea {blonde ambitions} said...

Looks great! Love your painted chairs.

Joanna said...

In love with everything so far! I have 2 little ones too -how the heck have you done so much?

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