Friday, June 8, 2012


There are a few loves I must share with you today.  Number one being my boys "Roo".  He is their daddy's daddy and we are saying a big prayer that he will come out of his heart surgery this morning on top!!  Lots of love and prayers going his way today! We love him so much!  You should see the excitement on my littlest's face when he sees "Roo"  He does a hop, skip and a jump and cracks the biggest grin you have ever said and says, "Woooo!!!"  Can't wait to get though this day.

I thought I would share a few new pieces of artwork hanging around the house too.

Went to Amber's blog last night and discovered her curator's collection sale on Joss & Main.  Some really great finds.  I could load up!!!!

Moving forward with an exciting birthday present from my parents...

I can't wait for this to arrive...outside or inside..not sure yet where we will put it....

And on to Best of Division....

Whole Foods
Greek Yogurt
Atlanta Fresh
flavors tried so far:
Wildflower Honey and Peach Ginger
a tie for best Greek Yogurt around
(consistency is a little runny compared to another fave, Fage.  SO be forewarned.  Delicious nonetheless!!!)

Trader Joes
Best "new to me" cracker
Gotta try them..nutty and crunchy

Trader Joes
Best Soap Smell

Best, Best, Best scent I have found lately for hand soap at the grocery

So, I will leave you with these loves today.  If you have a moment, send a little thought and payer "Roo's" way today.
Here's to a strong and speedy recovery!!!  


lizziefitz said...

Big prayers are being said right now for ROO:)))) You have some great finds! Thanks for sharing.

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Loved seeing you and Gibbes today. Saying a big prayer that his surgery went well. I am obsessed withe Ak Mak crackers. Now I want to try the yogurt!

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