Friday, June 15, 2012

Foodie Post + LIFE

Y'all know how much I love food and love to cook, so when I came across this post on, In a Nutshell, I was jumping for joy.  No really, these are some of the best, so go check them out!  Her blog is so great too AND she and her husband are a photographing duo.  They have a business together, Stone Crandall Photography out of Cali. Absolutely love his style-beachy, surfer, minimalistic shots.

His gorgeous wife

Next up are a few shots from my trusty Iphone.  I vow to break my nice Canon back has literally been collecting dust in the closet for months!!!  Horrible!!!  It's just so nice to break out the camera on your phone when you need it.  

A little art

A little love

And my sweets

I spy my new Serena & Lily table do you?  The boys have only jumped on it 4 times so it's bound to last maybe 2 more weeks.


lizziefitz said...

Your new art pieces re the bomb!
I am hungry.
Love the new table , bribe the monkeys not to jump on it;))
Love love love the horizontal planking treatment on fireplace. You are rockin' the posts !! I never tire of getting glimpses ;)))

Andrea {blonde ambitions} said...

Such great photos! I love your new art as well! Loving the new table & I spy ghost chairs around your table - love!

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