Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Loves

Loving this new to me color by Essie. 
"Poppy Art Pink"
I went crazy at the Walgreens at the beach and bought all kinds of unnecessary junk.  

This was by far my best purchase along with this...

"No Chips Ahead"
I have never been one to pull off the painted fingernail look.  It doesn't make much sense for me seeing that I always have paint all over my hands-permanently and I keep my fingernails too short.  They look so silly painted, I think!  So this clear polish is the perfect answer for my nails.  Adds the perfect natural glossy look!

Having serious addiction problems with this beverage and every flavor they have to offer.  Anyone else having this problem this summer?  I do not love drinking water, but these I can take down in a second flat!  Have you tried the grapefruit or the lemon flavors??!!!  So refreshing on a hot Southern day!!

Another serious problem for me are ripe peaches!  
Can't get enough.  
And the color.  
My goodness, just gorgeous!!!

John Robshaw textiles are pretty awesome too, don't you think? 
 Love this design and the color combo.

Novel. has a stamp and now a Tumblr account.  
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Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

I am obsessed with lacroix! I drink about 3 a day. I buy it by the caseload at Costco so good. Mix it with vodka and some fresh lime or lemon it's the perfect vodka soda! Loving the stamp!

Hannah said...

I am always caught up by all of the beautiful Essie colors when I go to Walgreens. This looks like the perfect pale pink. I'm currently obsessed with all of the fresh peaches right now, too.

lizziefitz said...

I Agee with you about trying to keep painted nails. I wash my hands way too many times a day to keep a manicure looking fresh. I am putting that top coat on my list. I swoon over your countertops even when you are showcasing drinks?!

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

That stamp is cuteness. So is your marble and tile :)

Melanie said...

have you tried Peach Pear La Croix? It only comes in a bottle...DELISH!

Courtney said...

I am so addicted to LaCroix! I mix mine with a splash of Trader Joe's blood orange soda and it's so good:)

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