Monday, July 16, 2012

Bits & Pieces

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  We most definitely did!  Spent two evenings on the boat, went crabbing, worked around the house, watched a really good/saddest movie ever (The Descendants), went to a good friend's baby shower (with babygirl attending-came  a little earlier than expected but all is well and the party still happened!!!), gave the boys both haircuts, ate lots and lots of boiled peanuts, and finished our gallery wall!!  Wish I had taken more pictures to document all of our events but jut didn't happen.

I know you have all seen the July/August issue of House Beautiful by now but the one article that stuck out to me most was the "Five Rooms in One."  Did y'all see this?  Wow.  Crazy this space is only 425 square feet!  The designer, Zach Motl, features his own Brooklyn studio and it is bachelor pad perfection in my eyes.  

This daybed jumped off the page at me.  What a statement piece. 
 Crazy of all crazies is it is an IKEA Malm twin bed! 
I know.  
It really is.  
They took the headboard from a second twin frame to replace the footboard of the other twin.  Love this idea and how economical.  
And that chair and the broad check throw folded in the seat.  Love it all in it's masculine glory!

On a completely different note, (and in no way comparing) another idea for using IKEA beds in a different way.  

Do you remember our daybeds in the playroom?  We used two Odda frames and put them together to create one long "sofa bed."  

 I am planning to get a bunch of pillows to line the back of the frames so it will be squishy and comfy for the boys.  And yes, I still have yet to put the mattress ticking spreads on the beds...still waiting on Little R's new spreads to come.


angela allen said...

Do you have an update on your playroom "couch?" I am thinking of doing the same project! Would love to see your results!

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