Friday, July 13, 2012

Back to Work

  Coming off a week and a half vacation, Monday was freak out day!  My list of "to dos" was a mile long because I had totally checked out over the past ten days.   I don't think I have worked this hard all year!!! 
Here are a few pieces I have been working on this week...

Commissioned piece:

 A series of 3 paintings for Little Stuart's room.

The sweetest and funniest little guy you will ever meet.  And you must check out his super talented mom's ETSY site here.  We grew up together, went to college together and married best buds-how lucky and weird is that??!!!

On to a few abstracts I have been working on.   
Note to self-bring my nice camera to work next time.  The Iphone takes great pictures overall but when it comes to artwork, I really need a good camera with a great lens!

 Abstract 1

Abstract 2

Abstract 3

Abstract 4

I'm not sure how I feel about this last one.  I think it needs to be framed and it may speak to me more then.  All of these paintings are painted on 16"X16" watercolor paper with acrylic paint.

Now changing gears here.  I cannot tell you how proud I am of my little R!!!  He had his first tennis lesson day before yesterday and he was a NATURAL!!!!  His dad is a huge tennis player and I grew up playing all my life until I hit college-ha!  Needless to say we were both hopeful that the little guy would take a liking to the sport.  So far so good and he actually has pretty good form.  

To end our badgers night the other night, they had story time with "DaaDeee." What a precious moment.  They love getting all "snugged up" as Big R says and reading books.  
(I know, so pitiful that I still jam Mr. Big into a baby sleepsack.  He is clearly to big and old to be in one but he loves it so.  Have I told you he has kicked a huge hole out the bottom because it is too small for him.  He wiggles his foot out and touches my leg every night when going to bed.  Can y'all see it below?  My sweet baby:))


lizziefitz said...

Oh yes, kids and their keep habits , good times! Confession , my three year old still will only drink milk from a pink bottle. I love the last abstract . It reminds me of a kid in a tube floating in the water:))))( elbow hanging off the side and all) happy Friday!

Courtney said...

I adore the silhouettes, precious!

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