Monday, March 7, 2011


Aren't these work spaces amazing!!  I think my favorite is this first one.  Love the caramel colored leather chair, light fixture, dark wood walls in an otherwise white space, the list goes on....
Dreamy clean white space to clear my head and get creative.
Oh yeah, right.  In another life....

I love this desk area.  Looks like reclaimed wood held up by brackets attached to the wall??? 
 This is good.  
Liking the use of space.

I'm getting kind of sick of the lucite chair phenomenon but these are pretty great, don't you think!
Oh and the light fixture.  My head is spinning....
So back to reality.  
I'll be heading back to my cave like studio above the garage about 7:45 tonight after all little people have said their prayers and are dreaming of backhoes and diggers.  Seriously, that's what little R says he's going to dream about each night and he tells me he hopes I dream about Barbies and princesses.  Gotta love the 3.75 year old little guy, even after he tells me to 
"leave me alone mommy!  I'll be better if you just leave me ALONE. ok?!"

Am I really that bad??


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