Monday, March 21, 2011

I never thought I liked

dark stained floors? You know I am a neutral girl and I have dreamed of this all white playroom and all white floors or at least light colored floors.  But I am starting to change my tune-maybe.  I think I like the look of the dark stain with the bright white walls.  I guess I always thought dark floors would darken the room, but these pictures say otherwise, don't you think?  We are in the midst of (maybe) doing a few tweaks here and there around the house and one of the thoughts is getting our floors refinished.  So, I would love some feedback from you.  What is your favorite?  The dark stain or the light?

There are a lot of kitchen shots because that is an area we are focusing on as well.  Getting rid of the red painted cabinets and going white.  The existing tile floor has got to go too-cracking and grout coming loose.  So, thinking of running the wood floors into the kitchen for one continuos floor throughout the house.  I think it will flow better too since we have such an open floor plan.  And the bikes/ scooters/ matchbox cars will have nice driving terrain.  Light floor pics below.  

(secretly love this above kitchen-floors and stainless counters- the best.  only change would be white cabinets)

I like the look of sanded floors-back to the original raw wood with a wax sealer-so no shine or gloss.  Just not sure this look can be achieved with our existing red oak floors????

still dreaming......


katie stevenson said...

LOVE the dark!!! Then everything else pops! Cracking up over your shed/house story!

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