Friday, March 18, 2011

I did it...heehee

So, tomorrow (March 19) is the Artist Market at the Music Farm here in Charleston.  I have been working like a mad woman all week trying to get some things together for it.  I decided that I should take some photos to document what I have been up too.  This is a joke with this little guy below crawling all over the place:)    Speaking of...check out the bloomers on that tush!  I know, I had to do it.  He was a prime model.  The eyelet lace really accentuates the rolls on the thighs don't ya think?  It's a pink pig in case you can't tell.

Now here is a better shot in the appropriate underpinnings.  
(Baby boxers)

Moving to a few new pieces I have been working on.  This was remnant canvas fabric that I painted grey numbers onto-just like the mobiles just hung in a different way-as wall art.

Hope you local people will come out to the Music Farm Saturday between 10-3 to support all of your local artists!  

P.S. The resolution in these pics is horrible.  If anyone has a canon t1I and wants to give me some tips on white balance , please do so!

*All of these items plus onesies, small and large totes, child size aprons,  boxers,  bloomers as well as canvases will be for sale.


Jane Pope Jewelry said...

i want some circle wall hanging with numbers for wade's new room when we get it set up. you can look when you come visit to see what will work!!

can't wait. xoxo

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