Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blog Revamp!

So what do you think?  I'm in love.  This is just what I was wanting!  Carolyn did a fantastic job and worked fast!!!  Thank you, thank you!

Have you been over to Brooke's blog yet?  Her blog is Blueprint Bliss and it is awesome!  All abut interiors and such.  She actually is gearing up for  a move from Birmingham to Mississippi and they will be completely redoing a house there.  So, it has been fun to live vicariously through all of her design decisions along the way.  She has great style!  Brooke had a blog redesign not too long ago by Carolyn and could not say enough nice things about her!  So, thank you Brook for the referral!  She read my mind!   

Ok, so some of you who actually read this blog have already heard this story but it was too good not to tell again:) So, Big R decided a while back he needed a house shed built in the backyard to house all of his yard toys.  The thing will measure 20X10. Seriously.  The guys arrived yesterday morning with a gigantic U-Haul full of lumber and supplies.  Well an hour into it, the neighbors are gathering in my front yard informing me that two of the 3 workmen have been arrested in my front yard basically.  Again, seriously?  I mean cuffed and hauled off to jail and their pickup was towed away on the tow truck.  The cops so kindly pulled up to inform me that I "shouldn't worry, these guys just drove down from NC with a busted out back windshield, no license, tags didn't match vehicle and no insurance."  They also told me "not to worry, it wasn't like they would rob my house or anything."  What.  Now that's all I'm thinking about.  Well, the boss man of these guys arrived today with a new crew-pictured below- to finish the job.  I was too embarrassed to go outside and take a better picture so the wooden structure in the back with a window is the new house shed:)  Long story, I apologize, but have you ever?


Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

Thanks so much for the shout out! Carolyn did a great job... she's so talented! Yorus looks great.

lizziefitz said...

I love Brooke! I am going to bookmark this to use in the near future. I have heard nightmare stories of people who have paid and never gotten their blog makeover. I literally have no words about the work crew...

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