Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Out of the Blue

Been working on a few things to gear up for our show at Novel. this Friday!!!  Cannot wait, but boy do I have a lot of painting to do!!!!  

"Blue Fish"
Playing around with watered down acrylics and pen on watercolor paper

Testing out some block print designs to put on fabric for pillows or to frame

Had to include-My sweet angel baby and daddy

At home gotta "make do" so out comes the pickle jar, ziploc bag for paint and my old makeup brush from The Body Shop-new fave paint brush.  When you have the urge to be creative you use what you have, right!!!  Ha!

hand painted muslin bag to wrap my blue chickadee goodies

Zig Zag Bags

And I'll end with my excursion with the boys yesterday-such a gorgeous afternoon!!!  This new boardwalk/dock is at the end of our street/neighborhood and it was our first time exploring.

Who knew how much fun it could be to watch a shrimp boat dock itself....20 minutes later we made our way to the end.

Really good times with my two babies!!!

PS-Anyone notice the dominant color in every single picture???!!!  Obsessed much??!!!


Hope to see all you local ladies (and gents) at our Novel. show this 
Friday, March 16 
341 King Street, Suite B


Melissa Wagner said...

Great post! Still in love with my Williams Sonoma purchase! Thank you!!!!

rikshaw design said...

cute arrows!

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