Thursday, March 8, 2012

Perfect Pattern

This is the strangest thing.  Last night I was perusing Pinterest (again) and came across the most fabulous pillow.  I was immediately drawn to the pattern and then realized why....
It is the same fabric I have been coveting at my mom and dad's house all these years.  Mom told me she had this chair covered in this fabric over 40 years ago!!!  Seriously??!!!  I am obsessed and when I went to the Etsy site, the pillow had been sold.  Boo.

Any thoughts on what brand this fabric is or where to find more????  Or even a pattern similar??  

Don't you just love and can you believe how well it has held up all these years!!!!


Katie said...

Hey there! That's craziness about the orange fabric. 40 years ago?! Unfortunately the fabric I had didn't qualify as an antique. I think I got it at Hancock Fabrics in 2005 or something. I so wish I had some left over for you! :)

Radiance From Ruins

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