Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pattern Play

Digging the triangular arrow shape in these patterns below.  I don't know about you but I am tiring of the chevron pattern.. I do love chevron but it's been WAAAY over done don't you think?  Think I'm lovin' the brights in these pics..makes me smile.
Go left

Or lets meet in the middle?

No, maybe up?  or down?

Guess where I found this?  On our soon to be new screened in back porch of all places.    The guys working on the house must have had a few minutes to kill and came up with this pretty awesome configuration.  Hoping they're leaving it for us...maybe I'll go neon with it if so????  Impressed with these guys already....

So many options left right up down

 Alright, definitely left

Anyone else out there as indecisive as me?  I tell ya, I know what I don't like, but man is it hard for me to make a lasting decision regarding our house on what I do like!  So many options AND decisions to be made in the near future...makes me crazy!!!  I may just start flipping coins to narrow down the choices.....


Melissa Wagner said...

I am with you on chevron. I am in the process of finding window panel fabric for our upstairs playroom. I think chevron would be fun with the navy rug, but I am getting tired of it everywhere. Reminds me of toile a few years back ( now I despise it).

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