Monday, August 5, 2013

Exterior Paint

So, I am helping a friend decide on what colors to paint the exterior of her house.  It is so hard to decide and such a large and lasting decision.  Curb appeal is everything, right?  I know we had the hardest time last year deciding on what colors to paint our brick house.  One thing that helped me was going by the Farrow & Ball paint chart because not only do they have a beautiful selection of timeless colors but it is also a rather small grouping. I get so overwhelmed by the other paint companies and all of the color variations!

We ended up picking Farrow & Ball "Pointing" and "Downpipe" for the trim, shutters and porch and we could not be happier!!!  I love the risk we took going with such a dark color on the trim/shutters!  It was so worth it and I really have my brother to thank for that.  He helped us with the entire design of our renovation so I trusted him when it came to what he thought would look best!!! 

I did go through a lot of paint combinations that could have worked and that would be good choices if we had decided to not be so bold.  
Lamp Room Gray
We used this in our foyer and I love this gray so much.  It looks here like it has a green tint but it really doesn't at all.  It is the perfect shade.  We considered this for the body of our house and cut it by 50% with white.  It really was a pretty color and could have worked as the body color had we not gone with "Pointing."  

Cornforth White
We used this in our master bedroom and it is a great shade of tan/gray a neutral that goes with everything.  This could work as the body color of the house? 

We did use this as our exterior paint color for our house and I love it so much!  It looks so yellow here but it does not at all on our house.  It's a great cream color that actually has zero yellow tint in it, I think.  

Pavilion Gray
We did not end up using this color anywhere but I do love it.  It could be a good trim color with any of the above, yes or no?  It may not be enough contrast though since I have not tried it out on the exterior of the house yet?

Here a few inspirational pictures


I would love your input on good color combos too if you have them, please comment!!!  


Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Farrow and Ball Downpipe is one of my all time favorite colors. I love your inspiration pics. Eventually I would love to repaint our shutters and may save a few of these pics. Our brick is a lighter color so I Love the idea of darker trim!

Jane Pope Jewelry said...

downpipe is our dining room color! love it!! and lamproom grey is in my foyer. thanks for the inspiration on the colors!

Things That Inspire said...

Hi - I found my way here through a pinterest link, and was so surprised to see a picture of my grill patio on your blog! It's funny, on another post you wrote the trim color was identified as BM Texas Leather, but it is not that color. Maybe someone used a color app and Texas leather came up? We ended up having a completely custom color blended for both the brick and the trim as we could not find what we were looking for - particularly for the brick.

I will say that picking the exterior paint colors was one of the hardest decisions we had to make! Another thing I didn't realize is how different the color can look based on time of day, weather (sunny versus overcast versus rainy).


Unknown said...

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