Friday, October 26, 2012

Sleep Tight

"Good night, sleep tight.  Don't let the bedbugs bite."  Do y'all say this?  I have shortened it to "sleep tight" when I tell my boys goodnight but what exactly does that mean?  Sleep well?  Sleep tight under your covers?
 Cut to the chase already. This post is about beds.  What kind of bed do you sleep in?  Does everyone have a king?  We just got a new king bed (delivered while we were out of town the other week. We got home from the airport at 11 PM to find our mattress and box springs leaning against the wall of our bedroom in plastic wrap..I'm not kidding.  And no bed frame.  Soooo not what I wanted to deal with after 8 hours of air travel with 2 uncooperative children-another story:) ) Any who, back to the important matter.  We need a headboard.  I need help with this.  Trying to figure out shape and fabric to cover it.  There are so many options out there thanks to Pinterest but I just can't narrow it down.  I'll show you what I've been loving lately...


This is a cool shape.  I think you could go bold or go with a subtle patterned fabric with this shape. It's definitely in the running!  


This is a nice classic, tailored look.  I may want a little more oomph though?!


This I love, love, love!  The fabric and the unique shape of the headboard.  Such a cool look too against that textured grasscloth wall!

4. via

This comes across very soothing and subtle.  Maybe it's due to the fact that the room itself is decorated in kind of neutral tones.  I like things a little more bright and vibrant but the shape of the headboard could look cool with a patterned fabric.

5. via

Love this one too.  That fabric is a favorite of mine in every color!  I'm liking the idea of a patterned headboard with all white bedding.

6. via
Love this one although I do believe it is twin headboards pushed together, but still loving the wavy design!  That fabric is pretty rockin' too!

7.  via

An all time favorite!!!!  Love the shape, the fabric, color and the whole vibe of the bedroom!

So tell me which is YOUR favorite???

Also sheets.  Where do you buy your sheets?  What thread count should I get??  We have used sheets that were given to us for our wedding or either "old timey" hand me down sheets that I swear were my grandparents for our queen bed ( that we swear was really a double.)  I know plenty of people sleep in doubles and queens and some say it makes a marriage stronger but in this case, I'm dealing with a 92 on a scale of 1 to 10 for snoring-sorry babe- so in our case a king needed to happen:)  In fact the other night I woke up to a freight train or was it snoring, and I did my typical move of reaching over with a forceful arm/fist/hit and I completely whiffed.  I hit mattress.  For once out bed is so big that I can't even hit reach him from my side:)  I will admit it made me smile.  You know I love my hubby but I also love my space.  Wow I am Chatty Cathy today.  Now you know way more than you ever needed too about our sleeping situation.  I think I should end this post now before I write a novel, but do tell me your favorite headboard and sheet recs if you get the chance!!! 
Muchas Gracias! 


Melissa W. said...

The last one is my fav too!

Anonymous said...

Ok, sheets. I have run the gamut with sheets and concluded that the type of cotton is more important than thread count alone. I like crisp but soft (does that even make sense??), which has led me to Cotton Percale. I won't touch anything else. Sateen feels gross to me, although that is very popular too. Pottery Barn carries a lot of Percale. They do wrinkle, but a) I will iron sheets when it's a cold day in hell, and b) I don't understand the annoyance with wrinkled sheets-they stay under your other bedding anyway, so who freaking cares :)

lizziefitz said...

I love the last picture. We buy all white sheets . Calvin Klien & Ralph Lauren from Marshall's . A splurge that is soooo worth it , would be Serena & Lilly sheets we have four sets in our house and adore them. Our King sized bed is THE best 21 years & counting;)))) ( 5 kids , so intimacy wasn't an issue ;0 king rules) we have an upholstered headboard neutral raffia to give me options ... I tend to switch things up a bit. Happy Friday!

C,G, and E said...

I just had a king upholstered bed made. I wanted the headboard to be tall like option 5 but it would not have fit up our stairs and through our bedroom door. Thank goodness our upholsterer measured before making it! Make sure whichever style you select will not be a problem when it comes time to get it in your bedroom(but my fav is style 5).


I am with you. # 7 is my fav because I love the color and pattern. xo
~ Mehul
Architectural Stone

goodgracesphoto said...

I am really picky about sheets, someone recommended looking for Tencel or Lyocell fibers and I don't think I will ever buy anything else for my bed. I have these and love them and they are affordable.

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