Monday, August 6, 2012

Beach Week

I have a bad habit of disappearing from the blogging world with no warning whatsoever.  
I'm sorry if you are a follower. 
 Priorities, Priorties.  
We went out of town (sort of) and I just decided to take a little break.

We just spent another great week with my husband's family at the beach.  Lucky/not so lucky us just drive about 7 minutes to that vacation spot.  I say not so lucky because we are in the same town, which means we are close enough to still work, which means the "vacation" really isn't a full vacation from the daily grind but awesome nonetheless.  We tried making the most of every moment we were there.  Starting most mornings with a some paddle board sessions.  Perfect conditions in front of the house, wouldn't you say!  

Sad attempt at getting the three boy cousins all together.  This  pretty much captures exactly how typical  the whole week went!  Lots of bed head, silly dancing, water gun fighting, laughing, crying boys!!!

Water guns for each boy in the house thanks to great aunt Annie Boo!!!

Back home now and hoping to get back to my routine of regularly blogging!

Switching gears here to 
Anyone out there in the market for a ginormous (approx 30" diameter) glass globe pendant light?????
It's for SALE and I'll give you a great deal!!!  Email me if you are anywhere near the Charleston, SC area and interested in this beauty.

Another view

Long story about this light but it is virtually brand new.  I bought it (from Ferguson) to hang in a different room but it was WAY, WAY too big.  So, while my kitchen/ living room lights were on backorder I decided to hang it in our kitchen temporarily (2 months) until my new lights came in. 

And they finally did!

Squealing with excitement!!!!!!
We have a duplicate pendant in the living room which connects to the kitchen.
Will try to get better pictures of these spaces... geez so grainy!!!
(and don't worry, we clipped the pull cord on the sconces:)

 So, any takers on the glass globe?????


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