Tuesday, August 28, 2012

End-O-Summa + Sheridan French

First of all can we talk about how typical this is?  I have looked at all of these perfect little pics of everyone else's kids dressed to impress on their front steps ready for their first day of school over the last two weeks and look at this.  I swear, I really took 15 pictures and not a one turned out "cute" but alas, typical!  These two are funny bunnies but I gotta tell you it was a sweet moment to have them both exit the car today around 8:45 for a few hours of church preschool!!!  
Yip Yip Yippeee!! 
 Been waiting on this day since May 16!!!!!
Ha. Kidding...a little.

 In light of the End-O-Summa we had a little shindig over the weekend with a few neighborhood folks.  Here are a few shots pre-party.

Thinking about putting this spread at the foot of my bed!!!  
What do you think?

Rental chairs aren't so sweet but the idea was there.  It's hard to tell but my hubby hung strands of lights  across the yard above the tables.  I always roll my eyes at how obsessed he is a working in the yard, but I got to say I'm so glad he is. 

And last week I made a trip to the plant nursery and spied a single stem fiddle leaf fig that would be perfect in our living room....

Terrible pic but here she is.  I will show you later this week the planter I used for her-think 

Ok, I know I'm switching gears here but is this skirt not fab?!?! It looks to me like pink Fiddle Leaf Fig leaves, right?  Well, you can see more here of Sheridan French's 2013 Spring Collection.  Good stuff to see here my dears!
FYI Yes, that is her, gorgeous as ever with three babes under 3!!!!

A little yard arrangement

Moving on to Sunday AM, desperate for entertainment, the boys picked up on the lack of supervision and went to town digging up our plant beds and spraying the hose at any and everything!

One thing I did accomplish yesterday while the kiddos were in school was finally finishing and shipping this 3 part 20"x20" fish painting.  Hope the client likes it for her little boy's room!

My sweet kindergardener...Lego Ninja necklace and all!!!


Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Love the Sheridan French skirt! And too funny Chassity got a fiddle fig too and now I want one! Love the look and I say def put the patterned spread on your bed, love it!

Melissa W. said...

I am going to Abide-A-While this week to check out those fiddle figs. I would probably kill it :-(. LOVE your backyard! Yes, the spread on your bed! I love green the way you love blue! Everything in my house is green :-). It is amazing how much your boys look like your husband when we were kids! Soo precious (I used to say I would never use the word "precious"! LOL

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