Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Before & After: Master Chest

I know I just showed you a recent before and after with the chest in my son's room, but this was too good not to show and tell about now!  I found this chest that we have in our master probably 13 years ago when I was junk-o-tiquing with my mom.  It was a piece that I desperately needed, after just finishing college, to house all of my clothes.  Aside from necessity, I really loved the lines of the piece.     It came to me just like this, peeling paint and broken handles but I kept it that way all these years! I love to mix old with new so this was that piece: old.  
* This picture was styled in no way whatsoever!!!  I snapped it right after moving in after our renovation.  

Now to the good part.  We outsourced this piece to the super talented Sarah Jeffords Beauchene who is local to Mount Pleasant.  Her business is Reclaimed Artistry. Sarah is an amazing artist,  transforming a piece to make it look aged or it was always supposed to be that way.

Now there wasn't much styling on top of the chest since I just got it back but isn't it amazing?!!!!!  I am so in love with it!!! The grain of the wood underneath all of these layers of paint...who knew?  It looks like zebra oak maybe?  

I am thinking new pulls are in order...probably will be another year and a half before I get around to it!

Little helper here trying to jump in each picture.  Look at those hands!  His pediatrician told me he foresees him being a butcher or a farmer judging by the size of his hands...HA!  Just 3 years old.

Again this is the before

And the after



Hey the transformed look but then also it looks somewhat rustic.
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Kristen said...

looks so cool!

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