Friday, July 8, 2011

I Phone + Camera Dump = Random Post

Happy belated Fourth to all of you!!!  I am running way behind (as usual) and am just now sending out this post from the end of JUNE!!!!  I can't get it together-EVER!!!!  I try but I still am finding it hard to juggle being a momma, working/painting at Novel. and keeping up with day to day life!!!!

Here are some recent happenings in my life..  
My friend Sidney, bought these chinese framed prints for her booth at Southern Accents here in Mount Pleasant, and sprayed them white.

I then painted them this gorgeous golden yellow.  
Added painted white seahorses.  
And voila.  
If you are interested in buying these, go check out her booth-it's worth the trip to see all of her "eclectic finds!!!!" Or you may contact me and I can put you in touch.

We have also been suffering from a case of "mischief" at the homestead with a side order of "Whaaaaa!!!!"

But then we have nap/rest time and all is good:)

On to more painting news...

I also had the opportunity to paint a few paintings for some girls who also opened a booth at Southern Accents, called Charleston Revisions.  This series three lighthouses will hang above a twin bed in their booth.

This poppy painting below is another painting that is in the Charleston Revisions booth.  It coordinates with this Hable Construction Clover Poppy fabric (see below).

This is a snap shot of a few totes hanging in Novel.  A great gift for both young and mature for only $14!!!!!

I'll end on this sweet note.  Our dear friend, Miss Perri had the boys over to man a lemonade stand a few weeks ago.  They had a ball and of course reached for "the money box" each time a friendly neighbor approached:)  W need to work on manners and apparently putting a smile on our face (below far right is little r scoffing at something!!!)

Happy Friday to all!!!


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