Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Playroom Stylin'

This is exactly how I would style our playroom...if we didn't have a yard with grass and dirt, a 120 lb lab, two boys and a husband, markers, chocolate bars, apple juice and runny noses.  Wouldn't it be great?  So calm and soothing.....wake up.  NOT happening!!!

Seriously, these are pretty rad playrooms.  I would take any of them.  Planning on a trip to IKEA and coming home with a boat load of goods to outfit it.  Pretty sure that's where this homeowners went as well:)


Thinking about putting a pair of twin beds against one wall instead of a sofa.  That way it can serve a dual purpose-lounging and snoozing.

Digging the storage beneath.  Guess these are custom made? 

Ohhhh Blue and White, I love you so!

Look at this bookcase!!!!

What a perfect way to display the children's artwork!

Trying to keep this room low budget and with it being the old garage we are keeping the concrete floors.  We are planning to stain it and here's what I'm thinking.  
Downpipe by Farrow & Ball
(I think it's darker than this but a great dark grey none the less with warm undertones)

we may repeat the color from the dining room and go with 
Benjamin Moore's Bermuda Blue

Something dark to hide those little footprints and paw prints.  We'll throw a few rugs on top I'm sure.   We'll be keeping the walls light.  
Something like this..
Wimbourne White by Farrow & Ball

This would be my boys' heaven!!!!  

Do you have a great kids space or a picture of one you love? I would love to see them and get more 
great ideas!!!  
Thank goodness for Pinterest!

*All pics via Pinterest and Google


Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

I am so jealous you are getting a playroom. I dream of the day we will have a room to store all of Sterling's toys! Thinking about repainting my porch floor and might do that charcoal color, its perfection!

caycee said...

Love all your ideas girl!!! Cant wait to see what you choose!!! I defiantly could not live without our playroom! here is a peek, not near as fab as the ones above :)

blue chickadee said...

Caycee-What a great space for your little one (and other one on the way!) I'm hoping my boys will play in their new space when not outside instead of lingering underfoot in the kitchen!!! Our laundry room/closet will be in the playroom as well-I am going to have to get creative because it really is a closet:)

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