Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Books for the Littles

In need of some new book ideas for your little ones? Look no further than Daily Candy's Book Roundup.  A lot of classics as well as a few new reads.  We stocked up on a few new reads for the boys Easter presents and birthdays!  

One of the sweetest books!

Perfect fit for Little R

Highly recommend for the boys!!  The best part is finding Goldbug on each page.

So cute for the girls!

And for any of you parents in need of a little advice or reassurance check out these two reads by John Rosemond.  If you aren't familiar, he is a child psychologist whose parenting advice comes down to common sense parenting.  I love him and heed most of his advice (not all). His books are laugh out loud funny because he includes real life scenarios in his books.  I'm sure everyone can relate to some situation!!!

for the littles

and when they turn 3

I tell you, raising boys ain't easy!!!  Kudos to those of you who can handle them with calm and ease but I'm not one of them!!  Everybody said boys love their mommas and are so swwwweeeet (true a lot of the time and I am so very grateful to have two healthy beautiful boys) but man o man they can be difficult and sassy too.  Please bring on the advice from all of you out there who have been through this or are going through raising boys under 5!!!!!  Any words of wisdom???

See what I mean??  About to slam his brother's head.....

*(My 5 year old in particular is giving me a fit!!!  I'm known as stink face as of late-lovely-and he's seeing a lot of his bedroom walls if you know what I mean!!!)


Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Girl I feel your pain. Sterling has been giving me a run for my money. I swear its why I keep putting off baby number 2 because he is so sassy, whiney, and exhausting. Its why I need my wine everynight! Don't know how you do it with two! I seriously wonder if girls are easier! Oh and I love "On the night you were born.'

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