Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Faves

Let's be random, shall we?  Here are some things I can't live without.

Rio Star Grapefruit
Are you kidding, so refreshing when ice cold.  No need for sugar, it's sweet as candy!

Um, this soap is my new favorite!  Have you smelled this stuff?  Keep sniffing my hands, ha ha!

A junk store find a few weeks back.  I just love.

Another painting framed

Had  a date night last night with the hubs to our fave place, Red Drum!
Natalie, I thought of you while ordering these delish lime mojitos!!!  Put me SO in the mood for summer!!!

Of course my sweet boys!  Little R turns 5 tomorrow!!!  How do I have a 5 year old????  Today is picture day and someone was not happy about it!  The boy hates a collared shirt (probably because I do and he wants the opposite of any and everything I suggest)

And this guy has no idea what I dress him in which is so great because I still can get him in the girly boy clothes:)

And for those interested, a few shots of the progress of our house.  Scroll no further if not interested.  I have a hard time choosing pics so I end up putting WAY too many!

Front door looking in.  
BTW those are temporary doors out to the back porch for inspection purposes.

LR looking into kitchen 

Another shot into kitchen and door leading to pantry.
Kind of love the diagonal direction of the wood in here but unfortunately just sub flooring.

Playroom looking out back door

Leaving the ceiling exposed in here and our new windows out the front of the playroom

Looking out double doors onto porch

Ceiling of porch

View from porch inside.  Left is kitchen and right is LR.

Master bath rough in

Our scheduled move in date is May 15.  Eeeeek!!! Lots to be done and lots of decisions to be made!!!!


Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Your art is incredible. And your house is just going to be so gorgeous. I love your porch ceiling!!

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Oh how I love a mojito! Is it weird I have never had a rio star grapefruit?? Must try ASAP. Love your sweet boys and I pray I have one more year to dress Sterling in the girly boys clothes:). Your renovation looks amazing makes me want to re do our house!!

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

Ok... Had no clue that the reno was such a big one!!! I'm catching up on your blog now!!

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