Monday, September 19, 2011

Burnt Horn

I need some help from you people!  I am looking for a dresser redo in little R's room.  All his knobs are falling off...see below.

I am thinking of painting it Naval by Sherwin Williams.

And adding these knobs from Anthropologie.  

I love them but they are priced a little higher than I wanted to spend at $8 a knob.  I need 10 so that means $88 total.  Any chance any of you know of cheaper, just as handsome knobs somewhere else???  Please do tell:)


lizziefitz said...

Lots of friends have had crazy luck at hobby lobby? Maybe even Michael's or Lowes. Just paint and then rub stain over them and sand edges? You could use the ones you have and DIY them. :)

Cat said...

I agree with Lizzie (comment above mine). My husband builds and sales picture frames for a living and does this same exact look to them. He paints them Ecru (or any off white you choose) and then gets the glaze stain gel at Lowe's and rubs it over the white and it looks JUST like this! :) It helps to distress (sand) the paint off a little before glazing. that way, the glaze will soak into the exposed wood, making it darker in areas. Hope this helps!

blue chickadee said...

Oh thanks girls!! That sounds like a good idea!!! However my knobs are porcelain and a few have been missing for awhile now:( Would have been nice to use the ones I already have. I'll have to price out new unfinished ones along with the glaze stain-bet it will still be cheaper than Anthropologie!

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