Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Wallpaper Collective

Have y'all seen this site before? I have had it bookmarked for over a year now and just browsed back through their selection. Man it's awesome!!! I have never used wallpaper before. I'm a paint kind of girl but these are to die for. Check out The Wallpaper Collective here.

Awesome in an entry hall or office don't you think?

This too...This is called "erin peacock on shimmer" but don't they look like black (navy) crows????

Kind of random, but I love it! This would be cool framed on a wall.

Ok, now this would be cool in a girl's room or office. Picture one wall with this paper, opposing wall hot pink and other two walls white???

Love this in a boys room or playroom. I never tire of elephants:)
Go check out their site and see what you like.


Melanie said...

oh boy, I am bookmarking this now! If we have another baby, I am doing wallpaper for sure. Thanks for sharing!

sarah, flourish design + style said...

Very cool choices... can't say I've ever wallpapered, hmmmm... :) x

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