Friday, January 28, 2011

baby cakes

Well, it's time to address baby cakes (baby g's) room.  The poor child has been stripped of every piece of artwork that was in his room and now he has bare walls.  It's embarrassing when friends come by and say "ooh, I want to see your boys rooms.  I bet you have your work all over the walls!"  

Not so, my friend. 

 I do not have one piece of blue chickadee in either boys rooms.  So, that's my next goal. This is what I am thinking for baby g's room.  Fish.  I love this painting below...

This is a mobile I painted for a friend to hang against the wall in her baby boy's nursery.  I started thinking this may be the way to go in baby g's nursery too??!!

I also have this 30"X40" koi fish picture from Kate's Paperie hanging on one wall now. 

I need something above his crib that he can't pull down.  I'll keep you posted....


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