Friday, January 21, 2011

Junkotique Finds

So last weekend I went to Cola to visit mom and dad and while there, mom and I went junk-o-tiquing (not a word, I am aware, just love that my mom calls it this!)  I am such an impulsive buyer-a serious problem!  I know what I like, I see things that I like, so I get them-this is why I don't go shopping often!  The problem is I love the "thing" but have no where to put the "thing"-anyone else with me on this???  It's just hard to resist a cheap price at a junk store.  Big R is ready to put all my finds on the street because they are infringing on his garage space.....

The above table was found here in Mt. P and I saw it within 30 seconds of walking into the place.  It had my name written all over it!!! Look at the legs!!!   I will find a place for this-either on the new porch we don't have or the new playroom we don't have-Ha!  And yes, the above picture is taken in our junky and dirty garage that I want to change into an all white dreamland.

Pair of lamps-one with a harp, one without.  Needs some rewiring and shades, but I thought they were pretty cool.

 Broken piece on the bottom, can't get the harp off (semi problemo) and new shade/rewiring needed.  All of these "easy" fixes will probably double my price of what they originally cost-oh well.

And lastly, this is a planter or a trashcan.  Needs a little brass polish and then we'll be good to go.  What have you found lately?



Natalie said...

I love great "junk" finds! Tell me some good places to go here in Charleston. I only know a handful of consignment stores and I like them but always want to find more to scour. Oh and my hubby gets pissed when I put my stuff in the garage, which he calls his "man space". He says the house is mine and the garage is his territory. Love all your finds, especially that bamboo lamp!

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