Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Product Obsession


Have you heard of it? I'm pretty sure I'm behind the time son this one but just recently came across this place via Pinterest, naturally.  Look to me like you cannot purchase anything online unless you are a retail shop that would like to carry some things.
Anyone know who carries these products in the US?  Or are they even in the US at all?  I so wish you could purchase online.  Wouldn't you go nuts?!!!

All pics via Bloomingville

Serious product overload but too many good shots from their site, I just couldn't decide!  Makes me want to hop a plane to Denmark!

On a completely other RANDOM note comes obsession numero dos.



 I am OBSESSED with this line of shampoo ad conditioner.  Thank you Lauren for pointing me in the right direction!!!!!  Cannot tell you how great this shampoo is!!  The smell is awesome, the texture of my hair feels so awesome after a good wash and honestly I don't always get to wash my hair everyday (who does) and my hair still looks pretty clean on day 2.  Just had to share if you aren't a  user yet you should be!
(kind of expensive but worth every penny!)  


lizziefitz said...

Do any local places carry the Oribe line?

blue chickadee said...

Yes Stella Nova does!

Melanie Knopke said...

Oribe smells AMAZING! Great product!

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