Friday, August 12, 2011


Another successful night with the ladies (JPC, Library, Blue Chickadee and Bon Vivant) of Novel. last night!  Thank you everyone for coming out to support us and our featured lady of the night, Liza Cleveland who just launched her new custom stationery and invitation line, Bon Vivant.  Here are a few hundred photos from the event in case you missed it:)

Amazing work by Liza!  All those baggies are full of gift tags, notepads, gift stickers, stationery all for such great prices!!! 

Don't you love it!!!!
(she made her burlap boards too-so talented!)

Forever scarves by Library: Archives of Fashion
Hand painted orange chevron pillow by Blue Chickadee

Ok, so if you have been reading my blog recently, you know that I have been trying my hand at a wildflower tapestry similar to this.  Well, I finally finished and here she is...what do you think?

She's for sale if there are any takers out there!!!!  Just shoot me an email on my contact button at the top.

Library dress with greek key tote, also by Blue Chickadee

Remember these?  Well, you may not if you haven't been a recent follower, but these were once a pair of black parsons tables we had collecting dust in the garage.  I decided to paint them white and add a little green geometric design on top...

I wasn't digging the edges though.  Something was off.  So, I decided to carry the green down the "lip" for lack of a better word, of the tables.  I think it made all the difference.

Tables are for sale individually or as a pair.  
Contact me if local and interested:)

Here are some gorgeous Balboa pieces by Jane Pope Cooper.  You can get an idea for the design beneath the jewelry.

Vintage belts by Library 

What a fun night with my girls!!!!


bsmithhill said...

LOVE the tables--and you're right, carrying the design down the edges was key!

bsmithhill said...

PS--I will be in Charleston in a couple weekends and I'm gonna try t stop in Novel.!

blue chickadee said...

Thank you so much Becca! Would love for you to stop by Novel. when you are here-shoot me an email so I can be sure to be there!!! Hope all is well with you and your family!!!

Bon Vivant said...

YAY!!!!! Love the amazing recap, Way!! I was thrilled to be a part of it and felt so lucky to be able to show Bon Vivant among such talent with my beautiful friends! I am so thankful!!!

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