Friday, August 26, 2011

Ikea Kitchen

What are your thoughts on Ikea kitchens?  Anyone out there have one or know someone who has one?  We are seriously considering a kitchen redo and are leaning towards Ikea.  I found a super informative blog that lists all the pros and cons of going this route. Carol Reed is recognized as a top interior designer in Toronto.  Here are some pics of Ikea kitchens she has designed...pretty impressive, huh?

All above shots via Carol Reed Interior Design


This is my favorite style of cabinet and hardware.  I am not sure it's Ikea but a similar look can be achieved.

And here are two more favorites of mine.  

Ahhh!  Drooling.  Loving these dark floors, white cabinets, elongated hardware, chandelier, stainless counters-this is pretty much exactly what I have been thinking of!!!!!

via Kirtsy

I came across this image on Little Green Notebook and I was smitten right off the bat. Look at the campaign style hardware!!!!  And yes, apparently this is an Ikea kitchen!!!  Love this herringbone pattern on the floor.  Fireplace isn't bad either.  

So tell me your thoughts.  Ikea or No?


Liz at Style and Ease said...

I'm obviously outing myself that I watch bad reality TV, but on the show Guiliana and Bill on Style, they redid Guiliana's mother's kitchen with Ikea. It was beautiful. Maybe you can google a few pictures?? Have a great day!

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