Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Circus Room

I'm loving this room!  How great is it?  I love everything going on in here-stripes, ferris wheel, wooden bed frame, art on the walls..... it makes me happy. 

and that ferris wheel would be a big pile of debris if it were to land in our house...can't you picture it?

Side note about my day thus far:

  You know the kind of day where everything you touch slips out of your hand?  Went to Whole Foods, put my Nantucket Nectar in the front seat of the buggy and out it slipped and burst into a million tiny pieces of glass.  Great.  I seriously looked around like what was that?  It couldn't have been me, right?  Ughh, so embarrassing and lunch hour too.
Then I head to Artist and Craftsman and pull out a few small canvases from the display and out they all tumble onto the floor.  The whole display. Literally. Loving this.
So, just wondering how this day's gonna end...a few more hours left for some fun times....I'll keep you posted should anything earth shattering happen.....


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