Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Little Sleep Style

I have been so slack about pulling together a "big boy" room for my littlest.  He is 3.25 years old now and it's time I get rid of the sweet stripes on his walls and the baby framed prints.  He is such a rough and tumble boy and his room right now looks like a nursery still.  Poor baby.  I'm hanging onto to the baby years since he is my last.  
I thought I would pull together a little board of what I'm imagining for it.  He loves the beach and has absolutely no fear around water-slightly terrifying but I also want to embrace that for him.  I'm always a fan of blue, white and grey so those are basically the colors I am starting with but will of course throw in some orange and green.  

1-loving these beach/surfer photographs blown up and framed in the big white square frame(unknown source-found on Pinterest)

2-How freaking amazing is this chest from IKEA? Don't need, but l.o.v.e!!!!

4-another amazing IKEA find

5-abstract piece by his momma-Way Way Allen

6-curtain panels turned bedskirt from......wait for it...IKEA

7-All time favorite sheets from Serena and Lily

8-CB2 standing light-perfecto

9-bedskirt from Anthropologie similar to the look we're going for with the curtain panels above.

His room is so tiny I only have room for a single.  I have a really cool headboard for it that I'm thinking of painting but want to wait until the room is painted to see what I think.  It has an asian flare to it with a washy green glaze over it.  I promise to post about it once we get a little further in the process!  So, what do you think?  Do you like the direction his room is headed?  


Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Love this look! I have been eyeing those sheets for Sterling too. I am sure it will look fabulous!

katie stevenson said...

LOVE it!!! I can vouch for the S&L sheets--softest ever--and BM "Horizon"...a great dove grey. There's "Horizon Grey" too which is much darker, FYI. Both fab!

Those curtain panels are perfect!

Jane Pope Jewelry said...

love it way way!! i am mentally planning for wade's big boy room now. i love these snake prints here
can't wait to see G's room... although i thought it looked great last week!
xoxo jpc

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