Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wrap It or Throw It

What would you do?  I'm torn as to what to do with this awesome piece of fabric I snagged from my mom.  I am absolutely smitten with it and want to make the right decision as to how to "use it best." 

ignore pillows in ones to come

Mom always used it as our dining room table table cloth-redundant much???.   I'm trying to decide if I should a) continue to use it as a tablecloth (although our dining room table is long and rectangular-still could work I suppose), b) upholster my headboard (that I don't have yet) or c) use it as a throw at the end of our bed????  Let me show you a few examples...

Upholstered Headboards

All time favorite above!!!!

You know I love a blue and white print!


Loving all components of this room above!!!

Blue and White again!

So what's a girl to do???


Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

This is such a tough decision! It would look amazing upholstered on your headboard and make such a great focal point and you could always find cute throws to switch out at the bottom. But if you use it at the bottom of your bed you would have the freedom to move it around and say use it when you entertain on your dining room table. Such a tough call but either way its a win. I am impressed your mom had such fab fabric!

Anonymous said...

Do not use it as a tablecloth! It seems like a waste of a beautiful print. I agree the throw might end up being more versatile in the end...that really is an amazing pattern!

Julia {Pawleys Island Posh} said...

Headboard or throw, you can't go wrong. I am way too fickle to commit to fabric locations so I would probably say use it as a throw for a while and if you want it on your headboard, just drape it over instead of actually upholstering so you can move it around your house any time you want. It's insane. Does your mom remember the name of it?

caycee said...

Go with a throw! Love the fabric, you mom must have some killer style like you!! I agree you may tire of it faster as a head-bored.

Melissa W. said...


blue chickadee said...

Oh my!! Thank you so much for all your awesome suggestions!! I have to say, knowing me and my lack of commitment to anything (design wise) in my house, I may have to agree with going with the throw. That way I can use it in other areas of the house if I want too. It's a heavy cotton like a canvas. It's an Indonesian wax batik that mom got in NYC at Far Eastern Fabrics, but it closed about 10 years ago:( If anyone has any insight on where you can find similar fabric PLEASE let me know and I will pass along the info!

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