Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I tried....

So I keep seeing this pin coming up on Pinterest (even though it's from last year I thought the look is pretty timeless) and I thought I would give the look a whirl.  It's so me.  Solids, easy and comfortable.  Should have worn my nude wedges (will do next time) but when at work that means on my hands and knees painting on the floor all day so my snakeskin flats had to do.  The skirt above is from Topshop and loving the pleats.   But I have to say I think I like a straight skirt on me better, so this navy Library option was the way to go!!!!  Also paired with a Library belt-ha-shout out to my girl Lauren!

On another note, loving my new shade of red/orange/pink by OPI called "MonSooner  or Later."  Love, Love, Love it!!  I will spare you a pic of my toes but just trust me here.  Even the ladies working the nail salon gave me a thumbs up!  It's the perfect shade of coral.

Been hard at work this week getting Novel. all squared away for our big End of Summer Sale coming up this Thursday, September 20.  Hope you locals can come out to receive deep discounts!!!  Woohoo!!!  The sale runs 12-7 on Thursday so try to scoot by on your lunch break or after work.  You know when there's a party with these girls there's bound to be bubbly a flowing!!!!

If you follow me on Instagram (wayway123) then this is old news, but yesterday I started our Instagram wall in the hallway up at Novel.  We all have so many pictures over the last year from parties here, nights out on the town, merchandise, etc so we thought it would be fun to post them all over the wall for all our peeps to look at while their emptying their wallets with us-ha!!!  Seriously though, come visit us if you can, bound to be a festive time!!!!!


Julia {Pawleys Island Posh} said...

LOVE the look you did better. I can't do mid-calf pleats. No ma'am. But it is so simple and classic. Might have to try this one out too!

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

I think you killed the look, it looks perfect. I much prefer a straight skirt as well. Pleats make me look like a school bus. Love the new painted totes in the pic and your instagram wall!

Melissa W. said...

You look perfect! I just may try to venture out on Sept. 20th!

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