Thursday, September 13, 2012

Novel. Organization

Feeling very inspired lately in several different areas of my life but one area that's in the forefront is our office/kitchen space at Novel.  Man, do you ever live/work in a space where you go through the motions day in and day out and you look around and a lot (a year) of time has gone by and suddenly you freak out and have to change it all.  "It" being all the clutter, junk, mess, things you need to throw away but don't because you fear you or someone may need it in the future type of place.  Well,  I am describing our space.  It was ridiculous what we had accumulated in there over time!!!  Lauren and I went to town yesterday after we both had internal freak outs with it all.  We literally ripped the whole room open and started over.  Feels good to do that sometimes.  Check and check.  Then you feel like you can breathe...again. 
Here are some inspiring pictures from our Novel. Pinterest page.  Hopefully I can get you some good pics of the "new office" this week.  I am so mad at myself because I totally forgot to take before pics-AGGG why do I do that??????  

Oh and don't forget to come to our SALE next Thursday, September 20!!!  Deep discounts not to be missed!!!!


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