Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nursery Notations

Have you checked out Andrika's blog, Nursery Notations?  She has a talent for designing functional yet playful interiors for children.  I have been following her blog for a long while now and always see inspiring photos here.  
Well, much to my surprise, I noticed on her post from yesterday, she mentioned blue chickadee!!!  It's always fun coming across your work on a blog of someone you admire!!!  She helped a customer of mine out with her nursery design a few months back.  Do you remember my post about the UPS disaster???!!!

 In my mind, how can you forget???  
This was such a disaster!  Shipped all the way to NYC only for it to arrive a week before "baby to be" was to arrive and it came out of the packaging looking like this!!!!  Ahhh!!!!!  Not to worry, this customer took it into her own hands and basically had to redo the entire painting and here it is now...

Go here to see more pictures of her adorable nursery!!!! 


Andrika King said...

Thanks for the mention! I just love the piece that you did for Hadley!

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