Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Food Day

I have some really random loves this week as far as food goes but I must share them all:)
First are these crunchy bits of heaven.  These seriously are the BEST dry roasted almonds on the market.  They have a touch of sweet and just enough salt with a side order of perfectly seasoned deliciousness .  Ca-RUNCHY too:) 

I know I have talked about this cheese before but I cannot get enough!!!  If you have not tried Parrano cheese before, you must go get some this week.  

I have been loving it topped on these crackers below.  Random, right?  I think I had them at my in laws once and from then on I have been addicted.  They are crunchy and salty.  Find them on the Asian aisle.

And last but not least my pep me up after an early morning wakeup and/or getting uncooperative children ready for school.  
Mocha Light Frappucino a la Starbucks:)
Not everyday but special days:)

A lowfat coffee milkshake:)
They swear it's only 150 caolries for a Grande??? 
 Could this be correct??? 
 I'm going with it.


Katherine said...

I adore Parrano cheese as well - yum!!

Natalie said...

I love those rice crackers too! My parents always have them. I have never had that cheese which is a shocker because I love me some cheese! Adding it to my shopping list!

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