Monday, October 10, 2011

Conversational Prints

Have you checked out these recent prints from Anthropologie?  I am kind of digging them.  Love the simplicity of the block printed single color image on a solid background.  Aren't these color combos fantastic?

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I have to say, I think I am drawn to these because they remind me of some hand painted images near and dear to my heart....

blue bird sack
blue chickadee

double persimmon seahorse and blue crab 18"x18" white canvas pillows
$65 each
blue chickadee

pair of heron 18"x18" white canvas pillows
$65 each
blue chickadee

red bird tote
blue chickadee

And these prints I LOVE!!!!!  Came across them on Pinterest just before sending this post out.  Anyone know where to find them?

Pinned Image


Natalie said...

Love all those prints! I really want that green blouse. Going to go check it out now.

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