Monday, June 13, 2011

young, house, love

I was just notified by a friend that her house in Charlotte, NC was "crashed" by the folks over at young, house, love to show a few pictures of before and after.  

Here is Kristen with her family.

This is the after (above-obviously)  Wow what a great improvement!!!!

And here is what things looked like before.

And this is baby Davis' room.  Don't you love this fun fabric! It's by Alexander Henry called Teeny Tiny Zoo in the color Pool. 

Well, one reason for posting about this house in particular has to do with this nursery.  A friend of mine here in Charleston gave them a series of 3 paintings for their baby boy Davis' room.  It was such a fun series to paint since she sent me a swatch of her fabric.  See below for the final product...

I love the way the room turned out!!!!  

And how adorable are these picture frames where she used the extra fabric as the matte?!!!  

If you are not familiar yet, go check out young, house, love and see what they have been up too. 

  For me, it's kind of like driving through a neighborhood at night, all lights are on and you try peeking inside to see what the inside of the house looks like or what the people are doing.  
Is that creepy?  
Maybe so, but I know there are some of you out there who do the same thing!!!  So, to me, before and afters are like getting to snoop around all those houses you pass by but can't go in:)  
Happy reading and thank you Kristen for displaying my artwork in your house and to Jon and Sherry over at young, house, love for mentioning me!  


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